The Most In-Demand Specialities in the Casino Industry

Game design is an art and a complicated science at the same time. Every newcomer is striving to create new worlds from the scratch. But for the commercial industry, a person should be ready for different challenges and more routine work.

In the gambling houses, the “indie” developers are almost extinct. The reason is also visible: the most profitable formulae require a lot of money and business links. You can’t just go and buy even the most unknown and cheap Marvel franchise for your slot machine. The royalty would be almost impossible to pay, and an average game developer will need to work with a big producer.

The next issue will be a conservative audience. Let’s see any popular franchise, like free Konami slots. They are popular because:

  • all the games have too simple and renowned mechanics;
  • the major Konami franchises are not only licensed. They have had a big fan base way before the rising of slot machines;
  • the balance of every game is commercially calculated. There is not a single gambling site, which would be working with the “broken” system. Strategically, the casino always wins;
  • they are free to start! Every rookie can establish first strategies without additional donations.

Knowing all those things, you have to evaluate all the professions in the industry. Every job is too interesting but tends to change itself under dynamic circumstances. Not every occupation here paid decently. And not every high-grossing process is fascinating, but they all should be done. What specialties are the gears of the industry?

The top salaries in the industry

According to a lot of analytic works, the most profitable occupations are still all about a financial situation. The connection here is obvious: we have the toughest competition between brands since the very beginning of the industry. That’s why your money currently has to be a paragon – otherwise, another franchise smites your place at the very tight market. Let’s see what kind of directions give the big rewards.

Operations Director

The deal at the slot machines is too hard and a nervous job. The tweaking of the terminals requires a lot of knowledge. But the most hellish, ungrateful, and stressful occupation is to manage all these jobs. The Director of Operations pulls all the strings, makes all the main calls, runs all the tracks. This person supervises all the departments of a casino and allows to make all the previously calculated events. Also, this person is in charge when it comes to new and effective business strategies. Of course, all these risky responsibilities are generously rewarded. This manager has a salary of $85,000 to $1,500,000.

Financial Analyst

This employee is not about a casino itself. He better works on a specter of a complex market. Gambling is a complicated phenomenon, and you can’t work with it without knowing general economic laws, psychology, game theory, and some fields of mathematics. The best Financial Analysts can earn even a million bucks per year. The professionals of this class are working either on the largest franchises or make consulting for different directors at the same time.

Shift Manager

A person who keeps the dealers busy. The master of the gambling arena works sweaty and even more than the tough shift. Also, the Shift manager must keep a keen eye on the visitors. No drunkards or debauchery are allowed online, even with the most liberal country laws. This is just a question of reputation. The audience wants to have a safe and available relaxation. For this work, the shift manager can obtain fifty to seventy thousand dollars a year in America. So, this is a middle-ranged job with a big responsibility.

Strategic Planner

A freelancer often fits ambitious plans, but the personnel has to be proved by a project budget. He runs the casino track strategically, as you can see. This person explains to the Operational Director what move will be the most profitable. The payment of this job is comparatively high to other external advisors of the casino.

What about creativity freedom?

These occupations are sapid too, but they are not relating to casino brands. The famous vendors work with a lot of the wealth bet portals. But even they don’t develop slots from scratch. The industry is a conveyor that never stops, or the financial catastrophe will be inevitable. The artists of background are hired as freelancers for dedicated projects. There are no fixed salaries. You can’t start only with huge expectations and without scheduled work stages. Gambling houses have to use the prepared visions from the bought franchises in some cases. When the casino holder is striving to make a slot machine about Batman, he must use the licensed characters from DC comics. Or he will be immediately sued.

The code and 3D models for slots and roulette are specific, and casinos are buying them as service packs from the lesser software developers. It is a preventive move against the cheaters, too. Every anti-tamper system is unified and made for better convenience.

The wages in the creative occupations of the industry are too wide to describe. The financial sector, described above, was analyzed via the American market. But designers in the Philippines and Cambodia, of course, will have lesser revenues.