The Main Advantages of a Brick Slip Feature Wall for Your Interior or Exterior Space


There are many reasons why more home- and property owners choose to have a feature wall for their living or commercial space. First, it gives the space a unique appeal and appearance, and feature walls can add character and personality to a room. It is a great solution to make a room appear cosier and warmer. Whether you are installing a feature wall in your interior space or exterior surroundings, you may want to consider a brick slip feature wall. Brick slips have become quite popular due to their versatility and affordability, but as a feature wall, they are very attractive indeed. But what other advantages do brick slip feature walls have for your interior or exterior space? Let’s have a look at its main advantages.

Unique design and individuality 

It doesn’t matter what style and design you choose – it will undoubtedly look great with your interior or exterior wall. Brick slips come in a broad range of styles, textures, and designs – from the classic to the modern, it has it all. The sheer range of designs available may even make it difficult to choose! The trick is to know what theme you have in the space where you will install the brick slip wall. For instance, if you plan to install it in a commercial space, such as a café, you could do it with a brighter, bolder brick slip design and have more texture on your walls. On the other hand, if you are planning to install it in your living area, you could go for a more muted design with a smoother texture. Of course, the final decision will be up to you, but if you want advice and a full array of brick slip options, click here

An effective sound barrier 

Another reason why you should seriously consider a brick slip feature wall is because brick acts as an effective sound barrier. There’s no denying that many places can benefit from noise insulation, especially if you have a space such as a library, a cinema room, a child’s room, a lecture hall, a conference room, or a reading nook in a café. Luckily for you, a brick slip feature wall provides just the kind of noise barrier you may need, vastly superior to mere painted or wallpapered walls. In addition, scientists will readily agree that the denser a wall is, the harder it is for noise to go through. 

A low-maintenance solution 

Yes, feature walls are generally easy to maintain – but brick slips are easier than most other materials. When you opt for brick slips, they will not need repainting and will not require other treatments to maintain their quality or integrity. Brick slip feature walls are easy to maintain and look good even after many years of use. They will not lose their durability or aesthetic appeal, and their appearance will be just the same as when you installed them. This gives you further savings on time and money when it comes to maintaining your commercial or residential property, which is a bonus. 

A natural material 

Unlike other synthetic materials, brick slips are all-natural and contain no volatile compounds. They are produced without any emissions and have a high thermal density, which makes them the best choice. 

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