The Luxurious World of Murano Glass


Venice, one of the most beautiful Italian cities, the unique city on water, what is the first thing that comes on your mind when thinking of it? Gondolas? Bridges? Maybe canals?

That is all true, however, there is one more thing that Venice is famous worldwide for, this thing is known and adored by many luxury lovers. It is of course the lavish Murano Glass. Does it ring a bell? If it doesn’t, oh well you are in for a treat, so to say you are about to discover a new world of home decor, of authentic design, and a grand look.

Timeless and grandeur are the two words that can most accurately describe the Murano glass, and that is because this type of glass art has been perfected with centuries, to be more precise, from the 13th century. This art of creation has been passed down from generation to generation, and today is the heritage of Italy, a premium hand-crafted good that can come in different shapes, objects, and much more.

So, you might ask yourself, why is it called Murano Glass and not “Venice Glass”? Well, firstly, Murano is an island, or technically a series of small islands, right next to Venice. And yes, Murano Glass is known as the Venetian Glass, that is because that whole part is known as Venice, not just the island. And also a fun fact, there were some in Venice as well, however few masters burned down couple of houses in the process of making Murano glass figures over the years, so they had to continue on Murano. Nonetheless, there are still masters that create this glass in the island of Venice as well.

There are many reasons why people adore the Murano Glass creations, and why people love decorating their homes with it. One of these reasons are of course the culture and history, of how is created and passed down from father to son. But besides that, we all know the quality of Italian products, when we read the phrase “Made in Italy”, we know that it is either a fine leather, delicious food, or a product that will last a lifetime. The Murano Glass represents the literal notion of this phrase, its quality is integrated in all of the products to the point where there is a proof of origin law in the province of Veneto, where Venice and Murano are located. This trademark certifies that products have been made on the island of Murano, according to glass making tradition.

But let’s be honest, we judge things by how they look first, and then we see the quality, and luckily the glass doesn’t fail on either part. The design is what really makes this art so famous worldwide, it is all in the structure, colors, and the look.

Starting with the colors, Murano Glass is truly a colorful art, and that is achieved by adding different minerals into the mix. These minerals melt and give the transparent glass rich colors, and often in many authentic Murano Glass objects, real gold or silver specks can be found inside. The masters mix gold to get red color, cobalt to get blue, iron for green, and many more elements for various designs.

So we have covered quality and the rich colors that bright the room with a little bit of sunlight in them, but what really makes these figures so precious, is that each one of them is one of a kind, they are all perfectly imperfect. Having a Murano Glass figure is having a hand crafted unique piece, there are not exact measurements or machines to create the perfect shapes or polish, you get an authentic piece of Italian heritage and quality that has a combination of colors and design put in it by a true master of arts, a piece that rises in value year by year.

So, what can be made by Murano glass? Well, the short answer is almost everything decorative. The collections vary from Vases that compliment your living room, Centerpieces that can be decorative bowls or plates, which make your table unique, elegant glassware, even sculptures, such as one of animals, marine, aquariums, abstract figures, etc. Other things are goblets, mirrors, jewelry, lamps, and much more. 

One of the common questions is whether Murano Glass can be from China… And the answer is “Never!” Not China, not the United States, nor any country other than Italy. Even in Italy, true authentic Murano glass must be from Murano, Venice, using specific methods and techniques by Murano Glass artisans for over a thousand years, not from any other city or province. That’s why you should always look for authentic Murano Glass stores located in Venice, or original websites that provide the best class of grandeur Murano Glass figures, such as

So to summarize, Murano Glass is today’s most wanted premium home decoration that makes your home unique and shows your Italian taste. The uniqueness comes from the way it’s made, adding eccentric colors, one of a kind design, and diversity of objects. And one thing is for sure, this form of art will last for a thousand more years, becoming more precious and wanted.

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