The Importance of Regular Pest Control


If you are faced with a pest issue, and you have got in contact with someone like Pest Control Heroes who have put you in touch with experienced and high qualified pest control people in your area, then you might now have just been asked how often you want them to come out. Often people only call pest controllers when they have a pest problem and think it is a come out, handle the pests, leave, and everything is done. But effective pest control means having regular visits from them to ensure efforts are successful, reducing the chances of pests being a problem, and adjusting the control approach if the first choice is unsuccessful. Here is a look at the service frequencies most pest controllers offer.

Frequency of visits

Here is a look at some of the more usual options you can find and when they are best applied.

One visit – While pest control companies will come in for a one-time treatment, you have to face the fact that it might not be enough. They will come with products for treatment more effective than over-the-counter options you might have tried yourself, but there is the possibility that some pests will ‘escape’ or ‘hide’ and then breed and multiply again.

Two to four times a year – Many homes and businesses opt for this option as it tends to be the more cost-effective option, and it is a good way of monitoring the property and maintaining pest control methods.

Once a month – For properties that have a lot of people going in and out where pests are more of a problem, like apartment buildings, schools, office buildings, then once a month maybe the best approach. It is essential to have pest controllers with experience in more significant properties like this as it takes a different approach than the average-sized home takes.

Twice a month – This is a very aggressive approach to pest control and may be required in more significant properties, as mentioned above, with severe infestations that need ongoing aggressive treatment. It is the more costly plan but in some cases may be necessary   .

Ask your pest control company some important questions

When you are looking at your options there are some things you should ask about or check the details for such as;

  1. What happens with re-applying treatment in between scheduled visits?
  2. What happens when the weather or climate changes and impacts a treatment plan?
  3. Does the plan include outside and inside treatment?
  4. Is it the same technician coming to handle the problem each time?
  5. What different pests are there to handle each season?

Pest Control Heroes

When you are looking for the best pest control service local to where you are anywhere in Australia a great service is Pest Control Heroes. They can connect you with experts who are friendly, quick and know what they are doing every visit.


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