The Essential Hand Tools For Home DIY Enthusiasts

Testing your hands in home DIYs for the first time? If your answer is yes, you might not be aware of the essential hand tools that every home DIY enthusiast must-have. Buy all the essential tools beforehand from the right place, irrespective of your project. If you struggle to find them near you, buy hand tools online from trusted suppliers Data Powertools click here to see their selection of hand tools

But what exactly should you look for if you’re just starting out? Go through our list below to find out.

7 essential hand tools for home DIY enthusiasts


A hammer is not only the most essential tool that a home DIY enthusiast must-have but also the most versatile one. Since it is the most critical tool, buy one with a firm grip.

Generally, buying a hammer with a curved claw is the best option as it can help you in hanging things, drawing out nails, revamping a desk, and so on.

Adjustable Wrench

The only tool which can help you to fix nuts and bolts is an adjustable wrench. So, do not miss buying this essential tool.

Always remember to buy two adjustable wrenches- a larger and a smaller one so that you can fix nuts and bolts of all sizes. Besides, it is a great tool to save money. You can utilize it for several simple tasks like plumbing, repairing a bicycle, etc.

Nails and Screws

Hammer and screwdriver are of no use without nails and screws. The primary use of nails and screws is to piece things together.

Nails differ only in size and thickness, whereas screws also vary in their pattern. So, always keep a good variety of both nails and screws in your toolbox. You can visit the link to find a wide array of socket screw supplies for your DIY projects.


A DIY enthusiast might often have to cut different sizes and shapes of wood. And without a saw, you can’t cut wood. There are electric saws available these days, but hand saws suffice for most DIY jobs.

A handsaw also called the panel saw, aids a home DIY enthusiast in woodworking and carpentry. There are three main types of Handsaws present in the market that differ in thickness and shapes of holders, and are as follows:

  • Traditional Western
  • Japanese Pull
  • Pruning

Carefully select the type of handsaw which suits your operations and is comfortable to hold.


A screwdriver kit is another essential hand tool without which managing a home DIY project is next to impossible. You need a screwdriver to drive screws in and out of various objects, disassemble things, and fix broken electronic items.

There is a good variety of screwdrivers available in the market. Remember to buy a combo of both flat head and Philip-head, is suitably weighty, and provides excellent grip.  Be sure to check out BACO Enterprises Inc for great options.

Safety Gears

Safety needs to be your priority. Flying splinters, fumes, and dust particles can cause accidents that might maim you for life. To safeguard yourself, you need to add some safety gear to your hand tool kit.

In your safety gears, you must include masks, gloves, and safety glasses. Masks will protect you from harmful substances while sanding and sawing. Gloves protect your hands from splinters and electric shocks. They also provide enough friction as you hold different tools. Safety glasses will protect your eyes, eyelids, and under-eye area from sawdust, chemicals, and debris.

Tape measure

Generally, home enthusiasts forget to include tape measure in their hand tool list. However, it plays a crucial part in the completion of DIY projects. Although it is not an innovative hand tool, it can accurately measure length and distance.

While purchasing the tape measure, give due importance to the durability. Also, ensure that the size of the tang is suitable for the future projects you might undertake.


You can add other hand tools to your list, but you are more than ready if you have all the tools mentioned above. It is logical to purchase the hand tools that fit your budget well. Do not just buy the latest and expensive tools.

If you keep any other handy tools in your fanny pack, comment their names down below.