The Different Types Of Security Doors And How To Pick One

It is hard to decide what doors to choose for your home. There are too many types from too many different manufacturers in the industry that it gets overwhelming. Security doors from Betta Security are one of the best doors in the market today. And even with that, it still gets hard to choose because there are still different types.

Here are some of the most common types of security doors:

Single Security Doors

These are most of the common types of doors you will find in most homes. They are most perfect if all you need is a security door for your front door. They are also customizable and available in different add-on designs, so you can get one that well fits your needs. But if you want the most reliable, safe, and advanced security door, the best option to install in your home is a biometric door. Read and find out why biometric door access singapore is recommended by home security experts.

Double Security Doors

These are also popular types. Just like the name suggests, they are similar to the single security doors, only that they come in twos. One door, mostly for use, while the one could be used and could stay closed. Perfect examples include the French and sliding doors. They also come in vast varieties of sizes, designs, and styles.

Laser Doors

These are some of the best security doors with a customization level no other door (not single or double security door) can bring. This is made out of advanced styles and designs that let manufacturers tailor to your personal requirements. And, you can get them in either single or double styles, as you please.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Security Door

The design and style must be fit to your home’s design and you can find a lot of high-quality options if you look for security doors melbourne. Below are some other important things to look for in your search:


No matter how beautiful the door looks, it is not worth it if the quality is compromised. There would always be cheap quality doors and high-quality ones. And quality is mainly determined by the material, strength, and the process the door is built. To make sure that your door is of high quality, check the certificates for quality.

Check for Power Coated Doors

The coating helps against corrosion, rust, and general wear and tear. While shopping, make sure to also choose doors with powder coats. Note that this is different from painting. Painting is not as effective, especially if prolonged exposure under the sun, which may lead to more time and resources for maintenance.

Pay Attention to Locks and Handles

A high-quality door handle and commercial key fob lock are a part of most importance when it comes to security doors. Even though you can always change your locks and handles, you want to purchase a ready-to-use door without having to incur more expenses. With some manufacturers, you can always consult about the locks and handles first.

Check out the brands of the locks and make sure they are of high quality too. It is also best advised to choose mortise locks rather than surface-mounted ones. Having the body of the locks inside the framework of the door isn’t easy to take the door down.

The Styles and Design

Of course, you also want to choose the type of door that well suits your home. You might need your house designer’s or door manufacturer’s advice on this. Both for front doors and for in-doors, you want to choose a matching design that reflects your personality and style.

It is easy to find different types of doors with a range of colors, designs, styles, and sizes. Choose according to your liking and preference. The range of options available to you would definitely provide soothing that suits your style and budget. There is always something for everyone.