The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning


Cleanliness of both people and places has been at the forefront of our lives in the last year and a half. The need to stop the spread of the covid-19 virus meant extra attention being paid to washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces, and it may be that we are now so used to these practices that we live in a cleaner world.

The article that follows looks at the difference between commercial cleaning services and those for a residential property, and why you might consider each.

What Commercial Cleaning Entails

Cleaning is a service that is not only offered to businesses. Many homeowners also engage the services of a cleaning company, and we’ll talk about that in more detail in a moment. A company such as Picture Perfect commercial cleaning Calgary offers expert solutions to many businesses in the Calgary area, but what does commercial clean involve, and why is it different to a residential clean?

The purpose of a Commercial Cleaning routine is to ensure that a place of work is clean and fit to occupy. It could be an office or retail outlet, a hospital, school or other municipal buildings. Anywhere people got work will need to be regularly cleaned.

Cleaning will include carpets and floors, windows, blinds and curtains, often furniture and also computer hardware and telephones. The cleaning company will also be responsible for cleaning toilets and bathrooms, and any other areas of the business premises that are frequently used such as kitchens and rest rooms.

The commercial cleaning company will agree to a contract to carry out a basic cleaning process on a regular basis. This can be every day, or a couple of times a week depending upon the requirements and wishes of the business owner. The contract will be invoiced monthly as per any commercial agreement. Now let’s look at the differences to residential cleaning.

What Residential Cleaning Involves

With the link between general health and cleanliness having been established long ago it is often the case that a homeowner will have their own basic cleaning routine. They may hoover the carpets on a regular basis, get the duster out and clear those surfaces, and clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces when needed and on a regular basis. So why would there be a need for a residential cleaning service?

One of the major differences between residential and commercial cleaning is that while the former is often a one-off requirement, the latter is regular. The homeowner may want a house given a deep clean before or after they have guests over. Or, if they have had work carried out, they may require cleaners to put things back to how they were.

Another reason could be they are moving home and want it cleaned for selling. There are many reasons why one would hire a residential cleaner. A further difference is that the residential cleaners will likely take payment on the day for their work, rather than waiting as with a contract. These are not the sole differences but that should highlight how each service has its own important aspects that the other does not have.

Hiring a Cleaning Service Provider

It’s no surprise that commercial cleaning is big business across the world, as companies prefer to outsource this element of the business as it is cost-effective to do so. If you’re looking for a commercial cleaner with a great reputation in the Calgary area you could start by talking to Picture Perfect. They’ll be more than happy to give you a quote for the cleaning routine you have in mind and make sure your premises are in top condition.

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