The Difference between a Boiler and a Furnace


Working out the home installations right after you’ve moved into a new house can be a pretty tiring job especially if you live in areas with extreme climates. Home Heating services are one such investment where you can always find yourself perplexed about choosing the right cost and quality. Determining what you need and what you can afford while balancing the cost and quality can be quite hard.

However when it comes to home heating, your preference may not simply be about cost or quality but also choosing the right device that is suitable for your needs. You may have to choose between getting yourself a boiler or a furnace; however you may not understand the difference between the two of them.

Boiler vs. Furnace

Boilers are steam generators that use hot water in order to produce steam that may further be used for various purposes. Furnaces on the other hand heat the air that is distributed through the air ducts of the device. Following are the reasons that make them different from one another.

Heat distribution:

Since Boilers use water or steam in order to produce and distribute heat, this distributed heat may last longer than the hot air itself. This is because the surfaces of your house can retain the heat longer than the air. Furnaces on the other hand use hot air that is blown out through a blower or a motor from the air vents of the device. The heat distribution in this case depends upon how long the hot air is retained. Which means that any door or window left open around the house may immediately work against the hot air and lower the temperature. Furnaces may have to work really hard especially in extreme weather conditions.

Effect on quality of Air

Since the heat in Boilers is generated through the piping around your home, boilers generally don’t impact the quality of air. On the other hand, furnaces tend to blow out hot air through forced mechanisms which may bring up allergens or contaminate the air. Unlike Boilers, Furnaces do impact the air quality.

Noise Production

Since Boilers mostly work with steam, they don’t need to produce noise in order to work. Furnaces operate using fans and a blower motor at variable speeds. The noise produced by these fans or blower motors may be reduced but cannot be completely removed.


Boilers do require proper monitoring and maintenance however not that frequently. Even an annual inspection may suffice for a burner. Furnaces on the other hand require monthly or quarterly based maintenance especially the furnace filters. This is because the forced air systems may spur up dust, allergens or contaminants which may affect your furnace filters. Moreover any other material may also clog up the air registers of your furnace, hence requiring more attention.


This is where you might find yourself in a doubt when it comes to Boilers vs. Furnace. Burners perform better than Furnaces, so naturally they are much pricier than furnaces. Installation of a Boiler service may be quite costly especially if your house doesn’t already have a proper ductwork for air conditioning. Furnaces may also require some ductwork installation however setting up an entire boiler system can be far more expensive. Nevertheless if you do plan to install air ducts you may need a forklift to move the duct and a scissor lift to install it.

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There’s no doubt that Boilers have an upper hand over Furnaces when it comes to comparison between the two. However Boilers are quite efficient and may last longer than a furnace. So if you are looking for a long-term investment with overall benefits, then Boilers are a really good choice. However if you feel that you cannot outright afford a boiler you may consider boiler rental services like Boiler Rental Service Atlanta GA.

Furnaces may be cost efficient but the reward of a boiler system installation is much greater and long lasting.

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