The Dark Ages: Funny Moments in Life Before the Arrival of the Internet


Technology has come such a very long way with the coming of the internet. The internet has changed the way we communicate, shop, and even meet people! Kids today will never begin to appreciate the advancements of technology like the 70s and 80s babies.

One thing that’s for sure, before internet life was just less busy and stressful. Now don’t get me wrong, the internet has certainly brought a lot of conveniences to the daily lives of many, like being able to have your groceries delivered to your front door. But with the emergence of the internet, people have more access to you now, even when you don’t want to be bothered.

Take the Good with the Bad and Laugh About It

There are definitely some aspects of life that the internet has completely done away with for the greater good of society. ranks the internet as the #1 technological revolution that has changed the way we live. This advancement is so great that it’s hard to even imagine life without it. Take a trip down memory lane with me to reflect on life before the internet.

Before Tinder, We Had This…

“Do you like me?”

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

 Do you remember being in school having a crush on someone? You either had to muster up the courage to tell them you liked them, be mean to them, or pass them a note asking those four questions. Your heart would be pounding when you got your note back for fear of being rejected on paper… the internet has definitely changed the dating game.

Remember When the Only Amazon You Knew was a River?

Amazon is a mighty river and geographical landmark still to this day, but when people hear Amazon they think of the mega shopping hub where you can buy just about anything!

The Skill of Web Design was Only Known to Spiders

Before the internet came, there was no such thing as web design… let me say this, if you were to tell someone you were a web designer back then, people would think you worked closely with families of arachnids. Luckily, that job market opened up and created a lot of jobs for people… who could’ve ever imagined such a job for the human species?

Multiplayer Games Required Gathering Around a Table

Do you remember board games? In almost every family before the internet came about, all families would argue about what game piece they wanted. In the game of Monopoly, everybody wanted the 1930s Roadster car… oh and everyone also fought over Boardwalk and Park Place!

Those games used to be fun, and are still fun today but have mostly been replaced by PC gaming and console games. There’s so much to those games too, you know? You need to buy headsets to talk to your friends and you can’t just buy any regular mouse… it has to be one of those gaming mice featuring wireless charging.

Take Me Back to When Trolls Used to Be Little Naked Creatures with Colorful Hair

You remember how all the girls collected trolls. They were these cute little creature dolls with fat little bellies and colorful hair. You couldn’t walk into an adolescent girl’s room without seeing shelves full of them. To take trolls even further, they used to be mythical creatures in books!

Today, internet trolls are described as humans! Humans who wreak havoc on the internet really. They post insensitive and offensive topics by way of social media to stir people up and ruffle a few feathers… nobody likes them… trolls were better off in girls’ rooms.

Ghosting? Ghosts Used to Be Supernatural Entities

Back in the day, ghosts used to be things that everyone was scared of! I guess that is still apparent today but in a different type of context. Today, “ghosting” someone is the equivalent of not talking to or see someone anymore without any warning. Take me back to the ghosts that Scooby and the gang would chase after.

Mobile Gaming… Oh My…

Forget about Candy Crush, let’s go back to the wonderful world of Snake found on just about every mobile phone. Kids today will never know about that life!

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