The Best Ways to Clean Grime Efficiently


Keeping on top of our homes can be hard work at times. But that doesn’t matter, it’s something we have to do, because who wants to live in a dirty house.

The nation seems to be swept up with home cleaning, especially with the likes of Mrs Hinch gaining immense popularity of late. But if you’re looking for ways to clean your home with ease, then read our little tips on how to effectively remove that grime that’s usually a little tougher than usual.


You may be sat in your living room looking around at your nice clean floors and dust free sideboards, which is lovely. But one thing a lot of people forget about is their windows, and who wants to look in or out of a dirty window. But, rather than using a cloth or paper towel with some glass cleaner, use a big bowl or dish soap and water, spread it generously on the glass and clean it with a window squeegee for a clear, sparkling window.


If you’re getting rid of dirt and grime, don’t stop just inside the house and tackle the outside too. Having a clean house on the outside will not only make you feel great but be great for when it comes to those garden parties too. However, we don’t mean just having a quick sweep around, instead you can get appliances like SGS pressure washers and jet washers, which will help you blast the dirt and grime away with ease, for a simply stunning driveway, front and back garden.


When it comes to dusting the home, many of us have fallen prey to the idea that we should spray first. However, we suggest that you don’t do that. Instead, rather than spraying and using a regular old duster, invest in a more expensive, long-lasting duster, such as one sporting ostrich feathers as it’ll lift the dust easier and more efficiently.


Your kitchen will get greasy, that’s inevitable, and while you can buy loads of fancy kitchen cleaners, you could just use regular dish soap. It’ll cut through the crease just like it does with the grease on your dishes. Just mix one gallon of water with a tablespoon and use a cloth to wipe away. For more stubborn stains, mix baking soda with water and lightly scrub with a cloth.


Bathroom mould is something that can build up in bathrooms no matter what. It’s a nightmare that we all have to face. You can tackle this through the use of hydrogen peroxide. Just put it in a trigger bottle, spray and leave for up to five minutes and it’ll kill the mould. Then just wipe away as usual. If you really want to stay on top of it, use a fan while using the shower and squeegee the water off tiles once you’ve finished.

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