The Best Video Chat Services: Prices and Reviews


Until recently, we just didn’t realize the importance of video chat in all our lives. But 2020 has demonstrated just how important it is. Right now, millions of people around the world are studying, working, interviewing and simply talking via web chats. And there are several reasons for this.

  1.  Safety. It’s not just about digital security, it’s also about health. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which became endemic at the beginning of 2020, many chose or were forced to communicate remotely. This became the only way to avoid risking your health and that of others.
  2.  Convenience. Webcam chat can now be launched from almost any device – from a desktop computer to a budget smartphone, even a games console. It doesn’t matter where you are – at home, in the park, on the bus or the beach. The most important thing is access to the Internet.
  3.  Efficiency. Modern video chat is no longer just a basic means of communication. Many apps allow you to host online conferences, show your screen, translate the person talking into another language and much more.

But let’s take a look at the features video chat can offer for free and the features that are only available by paying. Is that money worth paying?

Video communication services for work and studies

Let’s take a look at a few popular web chat apps that are best suited for work or school tasks, although they can be safely used for casual communication with friends and family too.

  1.  Skype. This is a convenient and very popular service available on a wide variety of platforms: PCs, smartphones, tablets, Xbox consoles, Alexa speakers and even web browser. It supports video and audio conferencing for up to 50 people, and it’s completely free. However, you get more options for an additional fee – call and send messages to regular numbers. The system allows you to top up your account with 5, 10 or 25 euros in one payment.
  2.  Zoom. This has recently become the most popular video calling service mainly due to stable high-quality communication, as well as ease of use. It is ideal for online conferences, as it allows as many as 100 people to join a session. However, in the free version, the duration of each video conference is capped at 40 minutes. To remove this restriction, it’s necessary to pay a $15 monthly subscription.
  3.  Viber. This is primarily a popular messaging service, which is available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Viber excels in simplicity and ease of use, high quality video and sound. There’s also support for group text and video chats. All basic functions are available for free, but with a subscription of $5.99 a month, you can call regular mobile numbers in fifty countries.

We recommend that you read the details on the official websites of each platform, as well as familiarizing yourself with the reviews in order to better understand the functions of each service and choose the one that suits you best.

Video chats for communication and entertainment

Random webchats work quite differently from regular chat apps . Most of them are available for free, and they offer additional features if you subscribe.

  1.  ChatRandom. This is one of the brightest representatives of modern casual video chat. Here you can chat with random users on the Internet, visit themed chat rooms for your interests, start a general chat among four people in Cam4. There’s also a separate section called “Chat with gays”. Signing up and using basic ChatRandom features is completely free, and for a fee you can get even more options: gender and geographic filters, private chat, no ads, and much more. You’ll pay $6.99 for a weekly subscription or $19.99 for a monthly subscription.
  2.  CooMeet. The main feature of this web chat service is the ability to communicate exclusively with girls. All you need to do is go to the website and start a conversation, and every new user can try all CooMeet tools for free for a limited period, and if they like this format, pay for a subscription. The trial version costs just $1.99 a day. Monthly Premium Access costs $9.99. You can also pay for a subscription for six months or a year, reducing the cost per month significantly. If this payment format does not suit, you can choose a package for 10, 60 or 360 minutes.
  3.  Omegle. This is a classic chat roulette service for those who are not ready to pay. The functionality here is rather limited – you can chat via video or text chat, choose a language, join your school’s web chat, or visit an unmoderated section. There are no gender or geographic filters, or additional settings to searching for a chat partner. But registration is not required on Omegle and you do not need to pay for anything.

Of course, these three services are completely unsuitable for work or study. They are designed for dating, finding interesting people and private communication. Many people today do not need any more. Don’t forget to read reviews of similar websites to know what to expect. For example, reviews about CooMeet can be found here:

So, is it worth paying? You should decide that for yourself. If you really want the premium features that services offer for money, the answer is obvious. If not, you can limit yourself to free functionality. Some people even buy a paid subscription just to support the developers as a token of gratitude and because they want the app to survive. This is also a good practice when the service is really valuable to you. Explore and try different platforms, use free and paid features, and discover what works best for you. Payment or not shouldn’t be your primary issue. Besides, as you have witnessed, prices are quite affordable and you only need pay for what you use.

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