The Best Tips for Small Kitchen Design


Getting the best design for your tiny kitchen is crucial for both a functional and beautiful looking space. In this article, we have curated some great tips on how to design your small kitchen successfully.

Note that designing a small kitchen doesn’t mean compromising on style or functionality. With excellent planning, even the tiniest of kitchens can look impressive and function efficiently. Here, we’ve shared everything to consider when designing your small kitchen. From design tips that’ll make the kitchen look more spacious to how to plan it.

1. Go Minimalist

When designing a small kitchen, keep it as simple as you can. Consider minimalism in the kitchen design. It might help create a space illusion and a feeling of order. Go for clean lines, light colors, simple accessories, and similar tones and textures.

2. Declutter your small kitchen

Things like wall cabinets require huge spaces. You can consider getting rid of them and use open shelves. It might have a massive impact in a tiny kitchen, creating an airy and open feel. It might also be wise to limit the number of shelves and the things you store in them.

If you have many kitchen tools filling up the worktops, consider smart decluttering solutions such as rails to hung pans, utensils, spice jars, mugs, and cutlery bins. Also, know the tools you regularly use, like chopping boards, and what you can store away until you need it.

3. Be careful when selecting the lighting.

When designing a small kitchen, it is crucial to ensure that your lighting is excellent. No matter how many steps you take to make the lighting feel bigger, lousy lighting will always make the kitchen space look small. If it’s possible, hang your pendants over your kitchen. However, if you don’t have an island, you can hang the pendants above the kitchen sink. It adds sufficient light to ensure you’re not doing dishes in the dark.

You can also consider recessed lighting or flush mounts on the kitchen ceiling to enhance the overall brightness in your kitchen.

4. Aim high with your design

Although your kitchen space is tiny, this should not limit your ambition. You should pay attention to all details, from window treatments to cabinet hardware to the tools styling the countertop. All these things will help make the space feel grand. According to SOD Home Group team of experts.

5. Paint your kitchen cupboards to match the walls

Doing this creates an illusion of extra space in your small kitchen. Some of the best colors to use are grey or white color scheme. They create an airy space and light in areas where units blend with kitchen walls. Additionally, matching colors make the kitchen look spacious and neat.

6. Hang your supplies from above

The kitchen overhead space can be beneficial. You can push cabinets up to the ceiling to add space, but you might have to get a step-stool. Hanging your pans, pots, and spoons from above provides you extra cabinet and drawer space. It also ensures that everything you require is within reach. Just ensure that you clean the hanging kitchen tools frequently.

If the kitchen shares the same area as the living room, consider getting well-designed pans, pots, dinnerware, kettles, and more. Bamboo plates look really trendy and are eco-friendly too. This way, you will not mind showing them off in case people visit your home.

7. Invest in pull-out work areas

One effective way to increase bench space while designing a small kitchen is by using pull-out countertops. It enables you to store workspaces, such as prep stations and, clear up countertops Space by hiding kitchen appliances away until you need them.

8. You need to be super organized!

If your kitchen is small, getting well-organized is crucial. Remember, space is limited, and you’ve to utilize every space in the kitchen, even hidden areas in your cabinets. You can store equipment such as spice-sorting tools, risers, and things that will help enhance your kitchen space.

Final thoughts

As you have noticed, there are many tips to use when designing a small kitchen to ensure you get an incredible kitchen style that maximizes function and form.

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