The Best 10 Painters in New Haven


If you’re planning on giving your home in New Haven a facelift with a new paint job, you need to take the time to hire the best professionals to do the work for you. Many people choose to paint their own rooms instead of hiring a professional company. However, by hiring an expert, you are able to get many benefits you wouldn’t otherwise get. 

If you’re considering a painting company, then consider these 10 painting companies. This reputable house painter in New Haven is exceptional at what they do, and it’s up to you to decide which to hire in the end. 

1. Innovation Color LLC

Innovation Color LLC is well-known for going the extra mile to achieve finished results that customers are satisfied with. This small team of painters puts in the work to nail every detail of a project so that things are beautiful. 

2. New Haven Painters LLC

This full-service painting company is the number one contractor in the New Haven area. The company offers full-service painting interior and exterior and even provides annual touch-ups for its customers free of charge. Whether you need simple or straightforward painting performed or a project including wallpaper or cabinet painting, you can get help from this team. 

3. GO Painting

The team at GO painting works hard to provide clean, beautiful finished results. They offer helpful advice about finishes and work to leave your home clean when the project is finished. 

4. Special Finishes HI LLC

When you want your home painted fast with beautiful results, this is the company to call. Having work completed in a timely manner by the company is nice, and they have a long list of final photos to showcase the skill of the technicians at this company. 

5. Aggie

Aggie is an efficient local provider that creates beautiful finished painted surfaces and that works efficiently. She offers reasonable quotes to her customers, and most of her customers were happy with the final results. If you have a minor job or aren’t in a huge rush to have a project completed, Aggie can help you through to the last look without requiring you to have a huge budget. 

6. Ariel Consultants

Ariel Consultants is an all-in-one painting team that handles all forms of painting around your house. Whether you want standard interior walls, animal enclosures, decking, cabinets, or more painted, you can get all the help you need in one location. The company is responsive to your questions and worth talking with if you have an exciting painting project you need to complete. 

7. Leonard Painting LLC

This licensed and insured company has more than 25 years in the painting industry in the New Haven area. The company handles interior and exterior work, does cabinet painting, staircases, kitchens, decks, and more. If you want the best for the inside of your home, this is the company to work with. The painters there can achieve impressive results. 

8. Almeida’s Painting and Cleaning Services

Almeida’s Painting and Cleaning is a comprehensive painting and cleaning service that can take care of all the steps required for a traditional painting job. Get help cleaning out a room before the painting begins, and the experts at the company will handle the final painting steps before moving your furniture back again. 

9. MR Cleaning and Painting

Mr Cleaning and Painting is a family-owned business that offers professional painting services. They are a smaller company, which makes them personable and affordable. Those looking for a close-knit company that is family-oriented; MR Cleaning and Painting would be it. 

10. CertaPro Painters

Found in many cities and states across the country; this is one of the bigger companies you will come across. They provide quality painting on both the exterior and interior of your home. Commercial painting is also something they can do that other painting companies may not have the capabilities of.

Regardless of the painting company you choose to go with, make sure to speak with them about your painting needs. You can find the right one that works with you and the needs you have. Trust in the professional painters who can make your home or office look fresh and updated.

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