The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog Raw Food


Although controversial among pet owners, raw food has become increasingly popular among over the past few years. It has proven to have many health benefits, is 100% natural and is designed to help your dog thrive. When you feed your dog raw food, you will begin to notice amazing changes in your dog’s health and happiness within days. Raw dog food is nutritious, organic, and healthy, perfect for helping your dog to grow and thrive. Keep reading to find out more of the great benefits that raw dog food has to offer!

Boosted immune system

Packed with meat, bone, vegetables, berries and healthy fats, raw dog food is known to help boost your dog’s immune system. Just like humans, dogs must fight against a number of different illnesses and diseases, including various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other parasites. Your dog’s immune system acts as a protective barrier that helps to keep them healthy and well. It is important that your dog gets the right nutrients it needs to help their immune system perform well and protect them from different illnesses. The natural ingredients of raw food can not only boost your dog’s immune system but can ultimately help to keep your dog healthy and avoid getting sick.

Improved digestion

As well as boosting your dog’s immune systems, raw food can also help to improve its digestion. It has been proven that raw and natural food can actually be easier for dogs to digest, rather than regular processed dog food. The sugar, grains and preservatives that are usually added in to processed dog food can often be difficult for dogs to digest and can sometimes even cause them to have digestive issues.

Giving your dog natural and organic ingredients is proven to be much better for their digestive system, can reduce stomach issues and will even improve their stool. A dog’s stool represents the difference between what a dog eats and what is digested and absorbed by their bodies. Seeing as raw food is much easier for a dog to digest, it means that more food is being utilised by your dog’s body, ultimately meaning less waste!

Shinier coats

Aside from all of the health benefits mentioned before, raw food has also been proven to have many benefits that can help and improve your dog’s appearance. All of the natural and organic ingredients that go into a product like the Bella & Duke raw food for dogs, have a number of benefits that help your dog’s coat to look shinier and healthier. The nutrients and healthy fats within raw food can help to improve the overall condition of your dog’s coat, helping it to feel softer and look smoother and shinier.

A healthier, stronger coat can also help to improve the condition and health of your dog’s skin and can prevent any skin irritations or itchiness from occurring.

Cleaner and healthier teeth and gums 

As humans we know that what we eat and drink day-to-day can affect the health and condition of our gums and teeth, and for dogs it is no different. Not only does raw, natural and organic food nourish a dog’s body, it can also help to strengthen their teeth and leave their gums looking cleaner and feeling healthier. It is known that processed dog food and treats that contain sugar and grains can often get stuck to your dog’s teeth, meaning plaque can build up easily.

Build up of plaque is greatly avoided when giving your dog raw, natural food such as meat, vegetables and berries. They are also proven to improve the overall condition of your dog’s mouth, tongue, teeth and gums. Cleaner and healthier teeth and gums also means cleaner and fresher breath, which is an added bonus.

Higher energy levels

It is known that diets can really affect a dog, their moods, and their energy levels. Having a healthy and balanced diet is crucial for your dog and can really help to boost their overall energy and mood. Just like humans, dogs need the right food to fuel their day, so making sure your dog has a healthy and balanced diet is so important. Raw food is packed with all of the organic and natural ingredients that are needed to balance and boost a dogs energy levels throughout the day. Within days of feeding your dog natural food you will notice that your dog having more energy than it used to, meaning longer walks and even more play time!

Try Raw Dog Food

Overall, there are countless benefits of giving your dog raw food, that will leave your dog feeling happier and healthier. We believe that a happy dog means a happy owner so make sure to give this alternative a try soon!

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