The Benefits of Choosing a Concrete Driveway


There are a lot of things to think about and consider when choosing a material for your driveway. Perhaps the most important of these is the material. The main contenders in this regard are asphalt and concrete. While asphalt does have its appeal, concrete also has properties that make it very appealing. Here are some reasons why you should consider concrete when choosing a material for your driveway. Also, visit a trusted concrete website to discover how commercial concreting in driveways has evolved through these years.


There is a reason why concrete is used in construction the world over; it is a very strong and durable construction material. Compared to concrete, asphalt requires more repairs and maintenance than concrete because of how prone it is to deterioration. Concrete also comes out on top because it gets stronger over time. Over time, you will be able to park heavier vehicles on your driveway, something that might not be possible on an aging asphalt driveway.

Beauty and Curb Appeal

The gray concrete surface offers considerable curb appeal, especially for homeowners who want to make their homes a lot more attractive to buyers. First impressions do matter when selling a house and a freshly paved driveway will help you make a great first impression.

If you do not like the gray color, you can also opt for colored concrete, which is a great option, especially for those who would like a darker driveway. Stamped concrete is another great option as it offers a pleasing texture and the design can even be matched to your home’s exterior for a seamless architectural and landscaping blend. Contact Concrete Driveways Adelaide for professional concrete driveways, entrances, patios, and carports services.

Low Maintenance

Concrete requires very little maintenance compared to asphalt. All it needs is a regular wash and resealing every few years. You can use a gentle solution and water for gentler stains or pressure washing for more egregious stains. If you notice some cracks or dents, crack filling equipment will be convenient to fill up cracks.

Applying a high-quality sealant to your concrete driveway protects it from the elements, especially from the freeze-thaw cycle of winter. The sealant protects the driveway from moisture, mildew and mold, chemicals, oil, and grease.

It is Cheaper Through its Life

Concrete is a lot more expensive than asphalt and this initial investment might cause a lot of people to opt for asphalt. However, concrete driveways last longer and require very little maintenance. Because of these two factors, asphalt ends up costing more by the time you need to replace a concrete driveway.

Asphalt is also a lot more vulnerable to UV radiation, water, oxidation, and chemicals, all of which cause the binding agent in asphalt to disintegrate leading to cracking and distortions.

Resale Value

If you think you will sell your home sometime in the future, it is better to go with a concrete driveway. Why? It is easier to make a case for the lower cost of owning a home with a concrete driveway. This makes it easier to sell the home and can even help you negotiate a better price with a prospective buyer.

Concrete is very appealing as a driveway material compared to asphalt. It offers homeowners and prospective buyers lots of benefits, notably improved curb appeal and lower maintenance requirements than asphalt.

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