The Benefits Of A Concrete Pool Deck Coating


The pool deck is an important aspect of your pool area, but it often goes unnoticed. However, after a few years of use, the deck may begin to show signs of wear and tear. Spills, weather damage, and aging can all contribute to the deck’s appearance becoming dull and worn. Cracks in the surface may require a complete renovation, but in most cases, the problem is merely cosmetic. A deck coating can be an effective solution to cover up any imperfections and return the surface to its former condition. This is an easy way to rejuvenate the look of your pool area and protect it from further damage.

What Is Concrete Pool Deck Coating?

Concrete pool deck coating is a protective layer applied to the surface of a concrete pool deck. This coating helps to protect the concrete from the elements, such as water, chemicals, and UV rays, as well as from wear and tear caused by foot traffic. The coating can also improve the appearance of the concrete, making it look newer and more attractive. There are several types of concrete pool deck coatings available, including acrylic, epoxy, and polyurea. Each type of coating offers different levels of durability, slip resistance, and UV protection, making it important to choose the right type of coating for your specific needs and preferences.

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Benefits Of Pool Deck Coating

Makes The Surface Slip Resistant

One of the most important reasons to consider a pool deck coating is its slip-resistant properties. Wet pool decks can create a safety hazard as the slick surface can cause individuals to slip and fall, potentially leading to injury or even falling into the pool. A non-slip epoxy coating can provide an added layer of protection for the surface of the pool deck. These coatings can be applied in multiple layers to ensure a durable, slip-resistant surface that is superior to standard concrete. While these coatings may not completely prevent accidents, they can significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls near the pool.


Concrete is known for its durability and ability to withstand heavy wear and adverse weather conditions. Its resistance to scratches and stains prolongs its lifespan, keeping the appearance of the concrete looking new for years to come. This makes investing in a concrete pool deck a valuable investment.

Concrete pool decks are an especially good choice for those who live in areas with fluctuating weather patterns. Unlike metal or wood-based decks, concrete decks are resistant to damage from extreme weather conditions, providing long-lasting durability and longevity.

Make Pool Deck More Comfortable

Another advantage of concrete pool deck coatings is that they can help to reduce the surface temperature of the deck. When exposed to the sun, brick and concrete surfaces can become extremely hot, making it uncomfortable to walk barefoot. This can also be dangerous as hot surfaces can cause burns on the skin. A pool deck coating that is designed to resist the absorption of heat can help to keep the surface of the deck cooler, making it more comfortable to walk on. This can be especially beneficial in areas with hot summers, as it can make the pool area more enjoyable to use.

Cost-Effective Investment

Coating a pool deck can be a cost-effective alternative to completely redoing the deck. It can save you between one-third and one-half of the cost of a complete renovation, allowing you to use that money for other important or enjoyable expenses. Additionally, the cost savings from the coating itself can be further augmented by reduced medical bills from slips and burns, making it a wise investment for your outdoor space.

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