The 8 Best Ways to Decorate a Dull Hallway with Rugs


What is a dull hallway? A hallway that doesn’t have enough color and personality. It needs some life! Sometimes, with all the hustle and bustle of your day, you might forget to decorate one spot in your home that could use some sprucing up. One of the first things that people notice when they walk into your home is the hallway. It’s essential to make this space something stylish and to invite guests with a smile. One way to do this is by using rugs! Rugs will not only help warm up your floors but also add color and style to an otherwise dull space. In today’s blog post, we’ll be looking at some ways you can decorate your hallway with rugs!

Rugs as Warmth

Rugs are often used to warm up a space. They help make it feel more inviting and cozy, especially when paired with furniture that has texture for extra warmth! While your hallway likely isn’t the only thing in your home without any rugs, adding one can help give it some character. Plus, having a rug from the list of 100 best entryway rugs can also help you get more bang for your buck! They fill up that space, so you aren’t just getting a rug for your hallway.

Rugs as Contrast

Just because your hallways are dull doesn’t mean the rugs have to be! Pairing an unusual shape or pattern with one that’s more traditional can add great contrast and instantly make it look like something is going on in this space. And, of course, the most popular shapes are rectangles and circles! But for the hallway, rectangular, runner, or oval rugs are just what you need. A rug doesn’t have to be huge for it to make a statement in your hallway. Even just getting one that’s small enough can give you some great contrast with the flooring below or help draw attention up (if there is no window above). Not every hallway needs rugs, but every hallway should have a focal point, even if it’s just something small!

Linear Patterns to Add Interest

No one wants their hallway to look like it’s in a coma, so if your rug is dull and lifeless (literally), add some interest with a linear pattern! These lines can either be horizontal or vertical depending on the size of your space, but because they’re different from the rest of your hallway, they will immediately catch the eye.

Why not mix it up? Just make sure that if you’re choosing a pattern for your hallways instead of just opting for solid color (like in most rooms), make sure that each linear rug has one unifying element between them to keep it cohesive. And don’t go overboard with too many patterns because the space will look like a track field and not in a good way. Linear pattern rugs are also incredible for rooms that have high ceilings! Since they take up so much space, you can opt to use them down the center of your hallway to create depth and add visual interest. They’re especially perfect if there’s a high window in the area where you’re using them.

Rugs as Artwork

When decorating a hallway with rugs, consider using them to warm up the space and as artwork. Place one rug on each side of the hall and then put a mirror or painting above it so that both are equally visible from the entrance. It will make your hallway feel like a gallery, and guests can admire both the rugs and the beautiful art that you’ve hung up over them! Art is also a great way to give a slim entry some pizazz. In this case, the art should be hung on the wall adjacent to a window or door. The art should be turned a little higher than eye level and should extend to the floor. The hallway will feel livelier, but this effect can make it hard for people to see where they’re going! Consider placing small lamps at each end of your rug or hanging pendant lights above them so that guests have enough light as they enter.

Add some Vintage Items

Entryway or hallway decor doesn’t always have to be modern and stylish. You can go with a more traditional feel by adding some vintage items! Vintage lamps or vases look great in any hallway; they add charm while still being functional. You could also use an unfinished wooden bench that’s been painted white as a small table for putting flowers on. You can also consider hanging a small mirror next to the bench.

Walls and Mirrors

While rugs are great for adding color, you should also consider decorating your walls! You can add some framed photos or art pieces that have meaning to you. Some other items you could use include wall shelves with candles or books on them, as well as mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to make the hallway look bigger and brighter. A classic wooden framed mirror is another great way to add charm while still being functional. You could also use an unfinished wooden bench that’s been painted white as a small table for putting flowers on. You can also consider hanging a small mirror next to the bench.

The Hallway Rugs

As hallways are usually narrow and long, they’re not always the easiest to decorate. Rugs are a great way to add something personal while still maintaining order throughout your hallway and tying together different elements with one cohesive piece of decoration. There are tons of styles you could use when it comes to rugs for hallways. If you have hardwood flooring that you’re not a fan of, consider laying down an area rug or runner rugs to tie together the decor throughout your home.

Getting Creative with Your Hallway Decorating Ideas

If you’re not sure about these ideas, you always have the option of just rearranging your hallway furniture. Moving around a console table or even an armoire can make a difference in how people see and use that space. Add some fresh flowers to brighten up any room while also making it smell nice for guests coming over too!

On a Nutshell

Modern rugs can make a boring hallway look beautiful and welcoming. If you’re in the store for some new rugs, we suggest that you check out RugKnots to find an assortment of stunning styles, all available at affordable prices. They carry both traditional designs and contemporary pieces, so there’s sure to be something for every taste! They offer the fastest shipping. It doesn’t get better than this when looking for your next rug purchase. Happy shopping!


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