The 8 Best Online Travel Agencies of 2021


Are you looking to travel any time soon? Online travel agents have become an essential part of the traveling market, with millions of travelers searching for and booking destinations online. You no longer have to make a hundred phone calls or visit a hotel in person to book. 

What’s more? You get lots of options to choose from and, if you’re lucky, reviews to help you make an informed decision. Whether you want to travel to experience a new city or have a retirement village tour, you can benefit from a good online travel agency. That is why we have put together the top eight online travel agencies on our radar. Take a look. has been operational for more than 20 years and has remained a favorite for travelers worldwide. The website has a vast list of over 25 million luxury resorts, vacation homes, B&Bs, hostels, and hotels. This easily ranks it as one of the top online travel agencies when it comes to a wide variety of options. It is also quite affordable with attractive hotel and flight prices. is an all-inclusive online travel agency. It takes care of all aspects of your holiday, including airport taxis, leisure activities, and even offers tours. You also get the standard services available to most online travel agencies. Their website is easy to use with numerous filters to help you zero in on what you want.


Expedia is quite similar to, save for the fact that it also offers cruises. It is an excellent option if you are looking for a vacation package. That is a comprehensive offer where you can book your flights, accommodation and car rentals. You can do all this from the Expedia website and add everything you need to your booking. While the package offers significant savings, you can book these options separately as well.

The website has themes like extraordinary luxury hotels and family-friendly hotels to help you get the best discounts for your vacation. There is a deals section where you can also get discounted prices for flights and hotel packages.


TripAdvisor has become a sweetheart for travelers due to the numerous reviews on their website. Whether you want to visit a hotel, restaurant, or attraction, you are guaranteed to find straightforward reviews from travelers just like you. Once you are satisfied with the reviews, you can book a stay from the same website.

The online travel agency offers flights, hotels, vacation rentals, tours and tickets, and restaurant reservation services. Its website offers handy filters to help you customize your vacation experience based on neighborhood, amenities, and even ranking.


If you like getting the cheapest deals for flights, restaurants, and accommodation, you should check out Skyscanner. The online travel agency uses a metasearch engine to compare rates from all relevant travel agencies, car rental companies, hotels, and airlines. You can head over to the 3rd party website to make your booking once you have settled on your preferred deal. That’s not all. Most travelers who book their vacations on Skyscanner qualify for additional hotel booking discounts. is an independent agency that allows you to book some of the most affordable flights available. You get to book flights for each part of your journey with the freedom to choose the cheapest routes. The agency can book you onto another flight or refund the cost for a ticket you did not use due to an emergency.


You can find hotel rooms at ridiculously low prices on Hotwire. These rates are usually a fraction of the normal prices, but there’s a catch. You only find out the name of the hotel or vacation home after you have booked. Risky, right? This is an excellent option if you are keen on getting insane discounts, even if that means going on a blind vacation. The agency also offers regular bookings with names, but they tend to cost more than what you would pay on other agencies. lets you book a vacation anywhere in the world but is more popular in the European market. You can filter hotels based on board type, guest ratings, budget, and more. The metasearch engine for flights allows you to find the cheapest rates across relevant online travel agencies. The agency stays true to its name with all-inclusive vacation packages and flight-and hotel options if you make travel plans last-minute.


Agoda is home to more than 2 million destinations across the world. However, it is especially known for attractive vacation rentals and prices in Asia. The website has a hotel section where you can find out more about each hotel and make direct bookings. You can also filter for better choices with the top reviewed, lowest price, or best match options. While Agoda may not have as many filter options as TripAdvisor or, it boasts the best prices on the internet and refunds the difference.

Booking flights, accommodation, and tours to your dream destination have never been easier. Feel free to check out each travel agency and choose one that best suits your preferences and budget. Happy traveling!

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