The 7 Best Real Estate Investing Strategies for Positive Cash


If you are thinking of the best real estate investment strategies, you need to consider those that give a high ROI and appreciate it with time. The secret to making money from real estate is building and growing your estate portfolio overtime to safeguard a wealthy lifestyle after retirement through cash flow. You should look forward to investing in several rental properties that earn you positive cash flow returns. It offers you the financial independence and freedom you need in your retirement. To say bye to that 9 to 5 job and not worry about having financial difficulties, you can start building your real estate investment today. To find out properties that you can purchase for rental purposes, you can seek the assistance of a Davy Talley – Keller Williams realtor. With that said, here are seven real estate investing strategies to allow you to benefit from positive cash flow investment properties.

1. Choose High Yield Locations for your Real Estate Investment

You need to search for properties in prime areas – good locations like Hyll on Holland with nearby and modern amenities. You want a site that can attract high rental demand while also ensuring a high occupancy rate all year round. This way, you minimize your real estate risk and reduce your defaulting chances or getting late with mortgage payments.

If you intend to have your tenants help you pay your mortgage payments, you should carefully choose the tenants to occupy your property. Having bad tenants does not make financial sense in real estate investment. Seek a real estate agent to help find a prime location.

2. High Tenant Demand

An excellent real estate investment reaps high rental income. The more rental income you earn from your investment, the more income and extra cash returns you have. So you can cover the entire cost of owning a rental property.

3. Low-Interest Rates

Let’s say you are taking out a loan to purchase your rental property. You need to ensure that you get a mortgage that attracts a low-interest rate. High-interest rates can tap on the positive cash flow returns you are having, meaning that your estate investment won’t make economic sense. Low-interest rates reduce the costs of owning a real estate property.

4. Depreciation

You must take advantage of the tax credits and tax advantages that come with investing in real estate property. If you can claim depreciation on the rental property, you will be able to enjoy a higher tax credit, meaning you save more money. Newer real estate properties tend to have a higher level of depreciation compared to older properties. Therefore, the more recent a real estate property you invest in, the more cash flow returns you can gain. Let a real estate agent help you find the new rental property you can purchase.

5. Keep the Expenses Minimal

You also want to keep your rental expenses as low as possible to increase the cash flow returns. Keeping the expenses low also ensures that you safeguard a profitable property. Some of the costs are insurance, property tax, repairs, and real estate tax. Ensure you have a repair and maintenance budget for your property investment. And if you can cater to the expenses with monthly returns or extra cash, believe it not, you have a positive cash flow property, and it’s a feasible investment decision.

6. Build Property Equity

A great real estate investment strategy is to build equity. Having more equity on your real estate property allows you to have more positive cash flow returns. You can even afford to purchase more rental property so that you diversify and grow your portfolio.

If you can keep your mortgage at 50 percent or less of the property’s value, your rental property is perceived as a profitable investment that can offer positive cash flow returns. This is what we call a loan-to-value ratio (LVR). The entire cost of servicing the loan increases as the property’s LVR increases and vice versa. Take, for example, a real estate mortgage borrower with an LVR of 95 percent can have their loan approved. However, they will pay a higher interest rate than a real estate mortgage borrower with an LVR of 75 percent.

7. Purchase Older Properties you Can Renovate

If you buy an older property located in a good location, it can allow you to enjoy a high return on investment. It is cheaper to buy older property than a newly renovated or built one. You can check for properties being sold at a discount to make a good bargain. It will allow you to obtain positive cash flow returns over time.

Also, ensure you first estimate the cost of renovating the property before you purchase it. Ensure it won’t cost you too much to refurbish the property because it could mean that it will take a long time before you can start seeing positive cash flow returns. Seek a Talley – Keller Williams realtor to help you find older properties to buy.

Wrap Up

The best time you can start investing in a rental property and grow your wealth is now. It will allow you to start building your wealth before you retire or quit your job. Study the market and get professional help. Real estate advisors can help you keep your investment profitable in the long run. Have a steep learning curve as you make your investment.

Seek the Help of a Realtor to Find Rental Properties to Invest!

Do you want to start building your real estate investment portfolio? Contact a Talley – Keller Williams realtor to help you identify properties you can invest in. Whether you want newly constructed rental properties or old ones that you can renovate and rent out, a real estate agent can help you spot them and negotiate a better deal with the sellers. Visit to find real estate rental properties you can buy today to start building your wealth and financial freedom.


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