The 5 Garden Tools That Every Professional Gardener Should Have


Being a professional gardener is a career the deserves respect. Time, effort, and dedication gets put into every garden or landscape they treat. Often, it can be very laborious work and take a physical toll on their body. However, with the right gardening tools, physical pressure is taken off the body and, work becomes easier to complete. With this in mind, here are 5 gardening tools that every professional gardener should have.

Cordless hedge trimmer 

Battery-powered cordless trimmers are the perfect way to access hard-to-reach areas on your hedge. They have extended reach so you can trim your hedge without the use of a step ladder. Its long, straight edge allows you to create clean lines and even carve your hedge into specific shapes. What’s more, its cordless feature means you’re not restricted to a certain distance you can use your cordless hedge trimmer wherever it may be.

Digging spade

A good quality spade is a must for any professional gardener. Stainless steel spades are a popular choice as they are strong, durable, and do not rust. What’s more, the soil will slide off a stainless-steel spade much easier than a regular one, making your job a lot easier.

Whether you’re digging up shrubs or something much heavier – a good spade is a must.


Often, larger garden projects will create a lot of waste. Therefore, a wheelbarrow makes it easy to transport it to the appropriate bin.

However, wheelbarrows are also handy for moving almost any garden product around. You may be transporting some plants or lugging heavy bricks around. Whatever your job, a wheelbarrow will make it light work and save you a back-breaking process.


Rakes can get used for many things. However, their two main uses are for the movement of loose garden produce or soil sift.

Now the autumn months are upon us we see a scattering of leaves in our garden. Often, leaves are a nuisance and become slippery when wet. So, raking your leaves into a pile and disposing of them is a must when keeping your garden looking spick and span.

Rakes also make a great soil sift. Moving the soil around with a rake can release new nutrients into the soil and help the ecosystem within it.


Sometimes, a spade is too big for smaller jobs. Therefore, a trowel is a perfect alternative. They are perfect for digging up and planting smaller shrubs or flowers in your garden.

The smaller size of a trowel also allows you to be more precise, for example if you don’t want to risk damaging a root system while lifting a smaller plant. This makes a trowel the perfect tool for adding those finishing touches.


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