The 5 Advantages of Using Epoxy Coating On Your Garage Floor

When you picture a typical garage space, what comes to mind? Is it a dark, dimly lit, room covered in dust, crammed full with family bicycles, tools and storage boxes? Or, is it a meticulously organized and illuminated space for your favorite sports car and personal belongings? No matter what your answer is, there are many unique ways in which you can transform a garage space into something exciting and complimentary to your home.

How about the floors in your garage? Have you ever thought about giving them an upgrade? If so, epoxy flooring could be the perfect solution! Epoxy flooring is a durable and stylish way to refresh your garage space while also providing a layer of protection against any foreseable damages. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the most notable advantages of epoxy flooring including its durability, low-maintenance, cost-effectiveness, safety, and versatility.

1. Durability

Epoxy Flooring is commonly utilized in garage installations because of its extreme durability. This type of flooring stands out against its competitors because it offers chemical resistance to many materials such as bleach, motor oil, and gasoline. Even if your vehicle remains idle for days, weeks, or months at a time, your flooring will be resistant to any potential chemical stains making for an easy, fixable clean up. Additionally, since the epoxy coating is hard and thick, it is resistant to abrasion and impact from objects such as floor jacks and tool boxes, rarely resulting in damages such as chipping.

2. Low Maintenance

Let’s be honest – most people don’t daydream about cleaning their garage floors. This long-lasting solution requires minimal attention and simple upkeep. Since the concrete floor is covered by the epoxy coating, there is significantly less dust and cement particles present on the garage floors and other surfaces within the room. Unlike coarse and brittle cement flooring, all you’ll need is a broom to quickly sweep any excess particles away! On top of that, the floor coating makes it easy to clean and doesn’t need to be waxed or polished, making it perfect for busy families who don’t have time to worry about floor maintenance.

3. Cost-Effective

Looking for adequate upgrades without the expensive price tag? Epoxy flooring is an ideal option for those on a budget. Rather than removing your current flooring, or purchasing brand new tile or vinyl, you can spare yourself the time and money by simply revamping what you already have in place. While other upgrade options require a tedious and time consuming installation process, epoxy coating is quick, efficient, and results in a new and refreshing appearance.

4. Safety

Epoxy is widely recognized for having numerous advantageous safety features. Perhaps most notably, is its traction capabilities. This coating increases the safety of a concrete surface with its anti-slip and slide-resistant features. Additionally, the slick, shiny appearance of epoxy coating helps to increase the visibility of your garage space by reflecting light to fill up the room. This improved sense of extended space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves an essential and functional purpose to prevent you or a loved one from falling and injuring yourself.

5. Versatility

Did we mention that this functional option is also completely customizable? Add a pleasing aesthetic touch to your garage space that opens up the room, adding a refreshing sense of both style and cleanliness. Epoxy coatings come in numerous finishes including marble, metallic, matte, granite, and high gloss. By combining various colors and ideas, your options are essentially limitless and you have the ability to completely personalize your space in proper alignment with the style of your home.

Final Thoughts

To summarize our thoughts, epoxy flooring is an excellent option if you’re thinking about upgrading or refreshing your current garage space. From its long lasting durability and low-maintenance to its ability to save significant costs, keep you and your family safe, and spruce up your garage’s overall appearance, this exciting flooring option is definitely a game-changer. Regardless if you’ve spent much time on studying your garage flooring, the addition of this coating is an exciting opportunity to integrate a space that is often overlooked into the style and overall feel of your home. Besides, with so many finishes and styles to choose from, who knows how you’ll transform your space?