Teaching Strategies to Learn all Students Name


Without students, there is no education. For a student, it is a matter of pride if a teacher knows them by their name. It builds a healthy relationship between students and teachers and a better environment. But sometimes, it becomes difficult for a teacher to remember all names by heart when the strength of the class is more and it becomes more challenging after the introduction of the best app for online classes.

Teachers are often asked to learn the students’ names, But nobody gives the solution in this regard. If you are also struggling for the same, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be mentioning methods of learning names that would surely help you out.

Learning names is quite impossible for many teachers, but learning names could become easy and possible using the proper technique and strategies. It has many benefits; one such is that it increases the students’ interest in your class and helps them perform well. It seems that learning names itself does lots of magic. So let’s get started.

1. Assign Seats For Initial Weeks

As a teacher, you struggle the most to remember names when starting a new semester, and it becomes more challenging to remember names by the face. As a teacher, you can use your brain and try to remember each student’s name concerning the sitting location of a student.

2. Ask Students to Introduce Themselves

This is another strategy you can use to remember the students’ names. Everybody is a stranger at the beginning of a new semester, so it becomes essential for teachers and students to know each other very well.

Being a teacher, you can ask your students to introduce themselves one by one. You can repeat this activity for at least 5-6 classes. Listening to names would help you to learn the names of a student by heart. Also, do not forget to introduce yourself.

1. Repeat the Names of your Students

interaction is significant for both teachers as well as students. When teaching in the classroom, try to interact with your students. for example, when you ask a question, try to ask by calling a particular student’s name. Don’t hesitate to call out names. In case you pronounce the wrong name, say sorry and ask for the correct name. Show that you are interested in knowing the name. Try to become interactive in the class. This strategy will surely work, and you will notice that it is becoming easier to learn names.

2. Instruct to Submit Assignments and Projects with Name and Picture

Assignments and Projects are the basic requirements or part of learning. It helps students to know more depth about their subjects and topics. Now! What if I say that you can use assignments and projects to learn names? Sounds interesting, right! Whenever you assign any assignment or project, instruct each and every student to submit it along with their name and picture. This strategy will help you in remembering the names of students by face. You can do this with every assignment.

3. Conduct a Name Quiz

learning with fun makes the class more interactive and changes the atmosphere of the class. You can include a ‘name quiz’ as a fun activity in your classroom. Students usually enjoy such games. This quiz is exciting yet straightforward in that students have to guess the names of other students in the class within the given time interval. Try to make a list of all students and remember them by their faces.

4. Ask students to call their names along with one characteristic

Remembering names of your favorite characteristic becomes easy. So why don’t you try to remember the students’ names by associating them with the names of characters? You can even ask students to tell their names concerning unique characters. Doing this will help to remember the name of the student easily.

5. Know Students in Pairs

Generally, all students like to sit with their best friends. They usually enjoy sitting with their loved ones. Being a teacher, you can remember the student’s name in pairs. You can also ask students to introduce themselves and their partners. Doing this makes your learning easy.

As a teacher, you must help each and every student throughout their learning process. It’s your responsibility to make learning easy and exciting either the method is online teaching or traditional. For this, you need to learn their names with faces. It will not only develop the interest of the students but also promotes unity.


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