smart home

Smart Home: How to Make the Right Choice

You might have heard the term “smart home” already but you may have no idea what it is and how…

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Invest in The Future by Getting a Smart Home Today

With the pace at which technology is evolving, owning a smart home is not only becoming cheaper but exciting! By upgrading…

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Alexa-Enabled Devices to Add to Your Smart Home

Amazon announced a bunch of Alexa-enabled devices together with some software updates. These devices will bring more of its voice…

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Guide to Smart Home Speakers

Today, smart home speakers are one of the hottest category when it comes to technology. It sure is fun and…

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Guide to Smart Home Security Cameras

Our homes are one of the biggest investments that we have, that’s why keeping it safe is a top priority…

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Guide to Smart Light Bulbs

Having proper light sources at home is essential because it enhances task performance, helps improve the appearance of an area,…

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Guide to Smart Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are typically used to circulate cool air from an air conditioning system in a certain room, and they…

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Guide to Smart Water Heater Technology

Water is an integral part of our lives. Aside from being a bare necessity for survival, it is perhaps the…

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Just What Is a Smart Home, Really?

The smart home is becoming a trend in the modern housing industry. Real estate agents and sellers today are using…

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