Choosing the Best Size & Height of Kitchen Pendant Lights

Kitchen pendant lights can be the jewelry of the kitchen. Aside from being a decorative light, it is also an…

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The History of Chandeliers

One of the most striking décor items you can have in a room is a chandelier. They’ve been around for…

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5 Benefits of Putting up Landscape Lighting at Home

Lighting can make or break your home. There are factors why you should consider thinking of ways to improve your…

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5 Simple Tips to Get Your Home Lighting Right

It’s all in the lighting. The mood, the look, and the comfortability of your home—they are all influenced by the…

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Best Under Counter Lighting

Whether you need an extra light or a bit of ambiance to your kitchen, you can rely on under counter…

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How You Can Light Stairs In Your Home With LED Lights

Good visibility around your staircase is important because it will make your home much safer.  However, a lot of people…

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Lighting for Your Garage

Garages today are not simply spaces to park your car inside when you’re not using it. They have become important…

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