Choosing the Best Size & Height of Kitchen Pendant Lights

a big kitchen with two pendant lights

Kitchen pendant lights can be the jewelry of the kitchen. Aside from being a decorative light, it is also an important fixture that can help with everyday tasks and a lot more. They come in different forms and decorative styles that can provide great lighting in the kitchen, just like the pendant … Read more

The History of Chandeliers

One of the most striking décor items you can have in a room is a chandelier. They’ve been around for over a millennium and still represent elegance and class. There’s nothing like walking into a vast hall that’s lit up with a huge glittering chandelier overhead. Even in smaller rooms, the addition … Read more

5 Simple Tips to Get Your Home Lighting Right

5 Simple Tips to Get Your Home Lighting Right

It’s all in the lighting. The mood, the look, and the comfortability of your home—they are all influenced by the lighting. Using warm, soft LED room strip lights, you can easily create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Similarly, numerous bright white lights in a room create a pristine, hospital-like atmosphere. Some homeowners … Read more

How You Can Light Stairs In Your Home With LED Lights

Light Stairs In Your Home With LED Lights

Good visibility around your staircase is important because it will make your home much safer.  However, a lot of people do not know how to correctly light their staircase.  Using LED lights is recommended because they are energy efficient, long-lasting and overall better for your home.  There are also a number of … Read more

Lighting for Your Garage

Lighting to Your Garage

Garages today are not simply spaces to park your car inside when you’re not using it. They have become important extensions of your living spaces. And because garages are considered essential to every household, companies have been manufacturing products that are aimed for the garage, from lighting fixtures down to the flooring. … Read more