Interior Design Trends


Linoleum Flooring: A Sustainable and Versatile Option

Transform your space with linoleum flooring, a sustainable choice that offers unmatched versatility and durability—discover how.

The Rise of Geometric and Patterned Floor Tiles

Trace the journey of geometric and patterned floor tiles, uncovering their history and how they transform modern spaces.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers: Painted Vs. Stained

Navigate the choice between painted and stained kitchen cabinets to transform your space—discover which suits your style and maintenance desires.

Why Acrylic Mirror Sheets Are Better than Glass

To make a space look larger or to create a reflective surface in a home, gym or retail space, acrylic mirror sheets can be...

Top 10 Cost-Efficient Interior Design Trends in 2022

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The Evolution of Bathrooms in American Homes: Historical Transformations and Modern Luxuries

Bathrooms in American homes have undergone a dramatic transformation over the years. From humble outhouses to luxurious spa retreats, the journey of these private...

Innovative Uses of Lath in Contemporary Architecture: Redefining Structural Design

Lath, traditionally used in plasterwork, now plays a key role in contemporary architecture. Architects are reimagining this versatile material, integrating it into modern designs...

The Influence of TV Shows on American Home Renovations and Designs: Trends and Impacts

The influence of TV shows on American home renovations and designs is undeniable. As viewers tune into channels like HGTV, shows such as "Rock...