The History of Chandeliers

One of the most striking décor items you can have in a room is a chandelier. They’ve been around for over a millennium and still represent elegance and class. There’s nothing like walking into a vast hall that’s lit up with a huge glittering chandelier overhead. Even in smaller rooms, the addition … Read more

The Interesting History of Walmart

A Walmart store

In today’s consumer driven world, hypermarkets, department stores, and mega marts are commonplace and have multiple stores operating across each city and town. Though these multimillion Dollar chain stores might be huge and internationally renowned today, they didn’t start this way. Almost all the currently dominant corporations today have had humble beginnings. … Read more

History of Farmhouse Sinks

History of Farmhouse Sinks

Traditional styles are coming back hard and it’s no surprise that kitchens have not been left behind. Vintage is the new modern and more people are finding themselves more drawn to traditional sinks by the day. The farmhouse sink has the ability to make a dramatic statement but is also charming, effective … Read more