Seeding vs. Sodding: What’s the Difference?

To the untrained eye, establishing a new lawn may seem easy. After all, it’s only grass that you’re growing, right?…

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Broadcast Spreading: Seeding a Sparse Lawn

Having a lush green lawn will truly make any yard or garden look more beautiful and cleaner. However, it can…

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Does Mowing Your Lawn More Often Damage It?

Mowing your lawn regularly is part of its maintenance, and it also has other benefits aside from keeping your yard…

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Essential Tips On How to Install Artificial Grass

There’s nothing quite like seeing a beautiful landscape every time you look out your window. When you have a healthy…

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How Often Should You Mow Your Grass

The beauty of well-trimmed lawns lies in how well you mow the grass. Mowing your grass at the right time…

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