Guide to the Different Types of Ceiling Fans


The advent of ceiling fans changes the world of electrical machines, as well as our homes. They were invented centuries ago, but they still hold tremendous importance in our lives up to this day. However, due to the advent of air conditioners, ceiling fans may be left on the back burner. But … Read more

The Benefits of Ceiling Fans


With the dawn of summer, people are trying out a lot of things just to keep the hotness of the season at bay. Aside from air conditioning units, ceiling fans are making a great comeback in our homes, even the luxury ones. Today’s models are more modern, stylish, and attractive, featuring exotic … Read more

Should Your Gazebo Have a Ceiling Fan?

Gazebos are popular home decorations because they can transform backyards into fresh and inviting spaces that are perfect for getting some relaxation. It is also a great place to entertain a few friends or to bond with the whole family. You can transform a gazebo into a more relaxing spot in your … Read more

Guide to Smart Ceiling Fans

Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are typically used to circulate cool air from an air conditioning system in a certain room, and they come in different types. The very first type of ceiling fan that has been created was the pull-chain or pull-cord control ceiling fan which includes a tethered metal-bean or cloth cord. This … Read more