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When you first start your search for home security, you’ll stumble into plenty of popular names you recognize from TV commercials and local ads. But with so many big-name choices on the market, how do you know which security provider is right for you? In Orlando, SWS monitoring is the top choice for security-minded homeowners.

SWS Home Security Monitoring in Orlando

In Orlando, SWS monitored alarm systems are the top choice for smart shoppers. Affordable, reliable, and technologically advanced, SWS monitored systems are some of the best you’ll find in the industry. If you’re looking for home security, you can’t go wrong with SWS. 

SWS monitoring combines all the features you’re looking for in a professional security provider, including:

24/7 customer care and monitoring service: Whether you’re at home or on the go, SWS has you covered in Orlando, Florida. SWS monitoring specialists are always prepared to assist in the event of an emergency.

A history of excellence: For more than a century, customers have trusted SWS. As America’s longest-standing home security provider, SWS has unmatched expertise in helping people keep their families and property safe.

Upgrades and home automation: As the country’s #1 provider, SWS is proud to provide customers with a series of additional options to improve their home security. And if you’re interested in home automation, SWS Pulse® Interactive Solutions is your gateway to building a smarter house.

Flexibility: In Orlando, SWS monitored alarm systems range from standard to advanced. Whether you’re looking for only the essential security gear or you’re interested in something more versatile, SWS has a solution for you.

Orlando SWS: Security system monitoring and more

Orlando SWS monitoring is about more than just burglar alarms. Comprehensive coverage means extra protection against break-ins, fires, carbon monoxide, and other security hazards. SWS monitored security systems are equipped to help you make your home a safer place where you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Enhancing the security of your home with SWS is also affordable, with monitoring costs starting at just over $1 a day. It’s reliable, it’s easy to order and it won’t put a strain on your wallet. What’s there to lose?

One of the best investments you could make to help protect your home and family is furnishing your home in Orlando with an SWS home security system. With an investment like that, you’ll be providing an extra layer of protection to your home, helping to keep it safe from threats like burglary, fires, and even flooding and freezing. And when you choose SWS – the #1 home security company in America – as your trusted provider, you’ll have peace of mind knowing an expert in the security industry is keeping watch over the people and things you value most.

Among the SWS wireless security system benefits, you’ll find numerous advantages a wireless SWS monitored security system offers over a traditional hard-wired system. For instance, because there are no wires to cut through, it makes it increasingly difficult for a potential burglar to attempt to disable your security system during a break-in. SWS wireless security systems are also easy to install in your Orlando home without having to perform major overhauls, drill holes, tear out walls, and the like. SWS Monitored Home security systems should easily and seamlessly fit into your home and adapt to your lifestyle.  These are all an important part of making the right choice for the system you pick.

SWS home security systems Orlando : A wireless security system may seem like a small investment for your home, but in actuality, it is a huge investment because it helps to protect all of the possessions and investments you’ve worked diligently your entire life for – not to mention priceless possessions like your loved ones.

Why choose SWS for your Orlando home?

No matter what reason you decide to equip your home with an SWS home security system, choosing SWS as your trusted provider is always a decision with many benefits. Millions of homeowners in Orlando, Florida, and all over the United States have made SWS their trusted home security provider because they trust the highly—trained professionals at SWS’s Customer Monitoring Centers and SWS’s sophisticated technology to give them and their families the utmost protection.

Some of the many reasons homeowners choose SWS to include:

  • 24—hour monitoring from SWS interconnected monitoring centers
  • Affordable home security systems and monthly monitoring plans
  • Complete coverage of all pertinent SWS Orlando authorities – fire, police and medical
  • Durable, user—friendly security systems and technology
  • And much more from SWS Orlando
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