Switching to Nature: Changing skincare choices


Skincare is an indispensable part of wellness. While people are cautious about their physical health, skincare takes a backseat in most cases. It is considered by many as a luxurious priority, only cared about by the rich. But this could not be any far from the truth. Skincare is as essential as any care. While taking care of one’s skin, it is critical to keep certain things in mind. These include awareness about skin type, what kind of care it requires, and what products will enrich the skin. Most importantly, it is critical to look out for the ingredients in a skincare product. When products are concerned, natural skin care is the best option available.

Types of skin

Every person has a unique skin type. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize skincare for everybody. But it is possible to anticipate the needs of every skin type. It ensures that one’s skin gets the correct care and nourishment.

Standard skin

Standard skin type requires little attention. The skin is not overly sensitive and retains moisture amply. Pores are not particularly visible, and the skin stays bright and fresh with little effort. Since the focus is to keep it hydrated, one can use products rich in vitamin A and E. Carrots, tomatoes, apricots, and plums are good vitamin A sources. Products with these as their base material are preferable to treat normal skin. Visit innisfree Brisbane and buy trusted Korean skincare products that will surely bring back the stunning glow of your skin.

Dry skin

Dry skin is a specific type where the skin fails to secrete the oils essential for a person’s skin. The person must eat foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients so that the body retains moisture and oil. Oatmeal cream, aloe vera based face packs, creamy avocado face masks, and raspberry based products help heal dry and flaky skin. Other natural remedies for dry skin are not showering with hot water for long periods of time and drinking plenty of water.

Combination skin

The Combination skin type is a hybrid between normal or dry skin and oily skin. Natural skin care works wonderfully with this skin type. It may be normal in some spots and overly oily in others. The oily areas of the skin are often deficient in omega-6 fatty acids. Therefore, preferring products rich in omega-6 fatty acids will replenish the skin and keep it hydrated. Sunflower oil, walnuts, and chia seeds are some sources of this. Elderberry and pumpkin seed serums contain antioxidants that help with the same.

Oily skin produces excess sebum that settles in spots on the face and clogs pores. Consequently, pores on the face become big, causing the skin to retain more oil. Oil removal products in the market are unhealthy since they remove essential oils that the skin requires to stay fresh. Therefore, it is better to use a mild moisturizer or a sesame seed oil-based cleanser. It replenishes and restores the oil lost in the removal process.

Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin tend to have extreme reactions to any skin treatment. For instance, when a person with sensitive skin comes into contact with allergens such as dust, pollen or chemicals in skincare products, their skin may be affected dramatically. The extent of reaction is usually greater than an average person’s reaction. Dermatologists recommend people with sensitive skin sample products before including them in their regular skincare routine. It will considerably decrease the chances of coming into contact with an unsuitable product. Additionally, one can also spare one’s skin from undergoing unnecessary pain and irritation. It is also advisable to use products free of paraben, essential oils, ammonia, and other fragrant scents since these contain particles that may induce an allergic reaction.

Regardless of one’s skin type and requirements, it is always beneficial to have a natural skin care routine without harmful chemicals or negatively affect the skin. For more details about skin treatment, you can reach us at Victorian Dermal Group.

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