Surebets: Does It Work in Football Betting?

There are many reasons that make football the most popular and dynamic sport worldwide. It is viewed in countries all over the world more than any other sport, and it is also a favorite among bettors all over the world. With the availability of a range of different bets offered by football betting, players can boost their winning potential.

Betting on sure bets can increase the chances of winning for punters. In order to significantly increase their winnings, gamblers have traditionally used surebets “메이저놀이터” to increase their winnings. Punters benefit from them across different bets because they can improve their chances of winning.

Can you explain Surebets?

As well as being known as arbitrage betting, surebets originated from the financial market to enable punters to profit from the market. With sports betting, punters are able to spread their money across multiple possible outcomes of a particular event and still make a profit, regardless of the actual outcome of the game.

An individual who wins a bet covers losing bets. This means that regardless of how the game turns out, a bettor will still make a profit.

Football Betting – What Are Surebets?

As far as football is concerned, there are two ways to use surebets. In addition to surebets between two bookmakers, there are also bets between a bookmaker and the exchange. This is what we will discuss in more detail.

Betting Surebets on Soccer between Two Bookmakers

This is the process by which the punter locates two interactive bookmakers that offer odds on an event. For example, let’s say there is a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and one bookmaker offers 3.7 odds on Madrid to win and 1.3 on Barcelona to win. Another bookmaker had Real Madrid at 2.9 odds and Barcelona at 1.4.

To use surebets, you will need to choose one bookmaker to bet on Barcelona, and a second one to bet on Real Madrid. Consequently, you will surely win at least one of the wagers. Regardless of whether you are using surebets or lines, you should plan on placing wagers that are relative to the value of the odds to gain a significant profit.

Sportsbook and Exchange Surebets on Football

Using surebets can be done in two different ways. One is to estimate the surebets between a bookie and an exchange. Betting on an event is another way punters can invest their money, as they can also back or sell the outcome or lay it, that is, sell it to improve their profit potential.

Punters may, for example, bet on Liverpool to win or Manchester City to win a match between these two teams. The odds on Liverpool winning are 1.90, and the odds on Manchester City winning are 2.20. The bettors must determine the probability by dividing the odds by 5, which for the first case is 52.63% and for the second case it is 45.45%. The total margin for the market is thus 98% when these values are added together.

The betting edge on Manchester City is 99.21%, meaning that the lay cost for the team to win is 2.20, the betting odds on them losing are 1.86, and the margin of the market is 99.21%. It provides a good betting opportunity in the form of a surebet.


While you may not be able to calculate surebets on your own, you can find a platform that allows you to work with surebets. The use of surebets undoubtedly increases your winning potential since you are sure to make a profit no matter how the game turns out.