Summer Air Conditioning Tips: Keep Cool & Cut Down On Costs


We strive to make our homes ready to beat the heat as summers come. We tend to spend our time and money on maintaining or replacing our air conditioning systems.

Air conditioners inside offices and homes help us sail through our day peacefully when it is sizzling hot outside. But with comfort comes the agony of uneconomical bills.

The scorching heat of the summer increases the use of ACs, which add to our energy bills. The U.S Department of Energy states that air-conditioning and heating bills eat up nearly 45% of our monthly bills during the summer months.

Thus, Air Pro Heating, Air & Electric of Fayetteville, helps in monitoring the cost of air conditioners by their regular maintenance and repairs.

Cost-efficient ways to use air conditioners this summer without overspending on your electric bills

Summers are the months when air conditioners work on full blast, and the energy bills hit an all-time high.

Humid regions account for 27% of the expenses arising from home electricity expenditure, and air conditioners are the main reason for this exorbitant bill in summer, as per the UE Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Although appliances play a significant role in your electric bills, making a few changes in the way we use them will have a massive impact on your expenditure. So, the following are some of those ways.

Go green

The eco-friendliest way to cool your home is through trees. Besides, plants also add a different look to your house. Planting more trees such as a hybrid poplar will shade your house from the scorching sun rays.

The U.S Department of Energy has advised plants shading your home’s air conditioning can increase its efficiency by 10%.

Pleasing leafy trees will decrease the air temperature outdoors by about 6 degrees during summer and keep your home cool. Thus, it will help reduce the home air conditioner costs by nearly more than 15%.

Maintain your air conditioner

Air conditioner filters need to be cleaned and replaced every month for the whole system to work efficiently. A dirty filter will make your HVAC system work harder and cause energy wastage,  leading to increased electricity use.

The air circulation process of the system works properly only when the filters prevent the dust from clogging the vents. Thus, it is necessary to clean the filters regularly to improve indoor air quality.

Summer Air Conditioning Tips Keep Cool & Cut Down On Co

Install solar panels

Nowadays, investing in solar panels can help you save bucks on electricity bills. In the United States, the popularity of homes with solar systems is increasing as they use energy from the sun and help offset carbon emissions.

Even though solar panels are expensive to install, they would save about $10,000 to $30,000 in the long run, depending on the climate. This is because energy from the solar panel is generated from the sun and is free, and this helps reduce your monthly utility bill.

Lower thermostat settings

During summers, use programmable thermostats, which allow your indoor temperature to rise automatically during the day by keeping the air conditioners on a lower setting when no one is at home. Once you’re back at home, you can set the thermostat to normal. It ensures that the consumption of energy is cut down by some percent and helps conserve electricity.

A smart thermostat also helps you control the settings through your phone when you go on vacation. Unfortunately, few devices that work on geofencing technology can detect if you are at home and automatically adjust the thermostat’s temperature.

Work more out of the kitchen

Summers are perfect for barbecues and grills. But the heat produced in the kitchen while cooking increases the temperature and heats the entire room. Likewise, indoor cooking generates more heat and increases the pressure on the AC unit.

So, it is good to spend summer nights with family outside with a grill pan and vegetables. The use of other appliances like slow cookers also produces less heat.

Cooking outside will keep the inside of your home from turning hot, and you will make less use of the air conditioner, cutting down on your utility bills.

Cover the windows of your home


Window screens help keep the temperature of your home down. If you stay in places with a humid climate, opening the windows at night will keep the room cool.

But keeping the windows and curtains closed during the day prevents the sun from coming in strongly. In addition, it will keep your air conditioning off and help you save electricity.

You can even apply coats of metallic oxide to the window pane to help trap the heat outside and cool the inside. Try to cross-ventilate the room to keep your indoors cool. Also, ensure to lock the windows on hot days so that the cool breeze stays trapped inside your home.

Use ceiling fans

Turn on ceiling fans to circulate the air in your home. Fans aid enhanced air circulation inside the house.

You can run your fans in the upper rooms and keep windows open on the lower floors. Air released through fans will keep your entire home cool. Using a ceiling fan will also result in less use of air conditioners.

Fans are less costly, and using them will make you increase your indoor temperature and lower your electricity bills. The moving air from the fans helps the sweat to evaporate. Using fans, 24/7 will lessen your electric cost by $5.

However, ensure to change the direction of the blades of your ceiling fans as per the seasons. For example, in summers, the blades of the fan should rotate in a counterclockwise direction for a strong cool breeze. However, it should rotate clockwise in winters as less air is required then.


Most of us utilize ACs in the summer to cool ourselves. But it is suggested to amalgamate some eco-friendly ways alongside to experience sustainable and affordable living. So, the above-mentioned tips are some of the easiest ways to air condition your home in summer while cutting down on your electricity bill.

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