Structural Inspection: Everything you need to know


When you need to conduct a visual inspection of your house, you can think about structural engineering inspection. There are many reasons why you must move ahead with such an inspection.

As the engineer proceeds with his responsibilities, he can find the cracks across the walls. Moreover, he will also ensure that the foundation is strong. So, in this article, let’s check out everything you need to know about structural inspections

What is structural engineer inspection?

As an experienced engineer performs structural inspection, he will confirm the property’s structural soundness. Moreover, the inspection’s main objective is to ensure structural integrity. While the professional analyzes the entire structure, he will also examine certain property components.

Soon after presenting a comprehensive report, the engineer will figure out the areas which have to undergo repairs. If necessary, the engineer will also offer a way to repair the components. 

What does a structural engineer do in a structural inspection?

There are many situations during which a structural engineer will perform his duties. The professional will conduct a general home inspection if you’re purchasing a house. Once he performs various tasks thoroughly, you can get an idea of the house’s overall condition.

On the other hand, if the engineer comes across any issues with the load-bearing components, then he will inspect the place ahead. But, if there’s no solution for fixing the problems, you can consider another house.

You can think about negotiating the price to bear the cost of repairs. While the engineer determines the lifespan of old structures, he will develop specific restoration measures, and such calculations will be valuable when the property has to sustain a natural calamity.

Later, the professional will configure the structure and choose suitable building material to maintain the overall integrity. The engineer will further monitor the contractor’s work to ensure structural soundness.

When do you need to go for a structural inspection?

You can think about a structural inspection whenever you observe cracks across the wall or the ceiling. Subsequently, if you come across a foundation with large or step cracks, you should contact a professional to conduct an inspection and analysis. Besides, you can consider evaluating the property’s condition if there are any damages due to natural calamity.

Drainage issues can further affect the foundation considerably. Hence, to identify the problems and their root cause, you can move on with an inspection of your house. To find out the areas where there’s heat loss, you can also fix the problems permanently through a structural inspection engineer. 

What is the difference between a structural inspection and a home inspection?

Even when you think that home inspection is similar to structural assessment, there’s a vast difference between the two. Whenever the engineer proceeds with a home inspection, he will assess the structure, plumbing, and HVAC. But, when you need a comprehensive analysis of the foundation, you need to opt for structural inspection.

However, structural engineers don’t visit the house often, and they will only come to the house if there’s a glaring defect and it needs to be analyzed immediately. On the contrary, a home inspector will only list the existing problems or issues. If the issues affect the property’s condition, he will recommend the owner seek assistance from a structural engineer.

Apart from everything else, some individuals refer to home inspectors as structural engineers. This fact is true because some home inspectors have in-depth knowledge of structural engineering. 

Bottom Line

When you get in touch with a structural engineer, he must define the scope of work in detail. Once the engineer documents the scope, it can eventually help create a proposal. In addition, you should be able to figure out the skills of the structural engineer. To gauge the engineer’s competence, you can ask more about what kind of problems he has faced in his career.

You can further ask about the engineer’s solutions to resolve the issues. With the years of experience in mind, you must also make sure that the professional knows the different aspects of engineering. As the engineer proceeds with the tasks, you can check if the engineer thinks differently and creatively.

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