Strange and Unusual Forms of Relationships and Dating


Dating and relationships are terms that have different meanings for different people. That means there are many different kinds of relationships around the world. Some are a bit unusual, but most people still experienced them to some degree. Others are strange from the average point of view. Most people never taste those relationships because their sexuality doesn’t allow it. Or, in the first described case, they don’t need it.

Civil Union or Civil Partnership

There once was a prince whose father ruled half of their island. Their enemies were ruling the other half, but then the prince’s father, the king, got an idea. He asked his enemy if his son can marry his daughter, the princess. They agreed to that marriage even though there was no love involved because it meant their lives would become better.

That little story describes civil union. But don’t think that civil union is reserved only for fairytales. It happens in real life more often than you think. A civil partnership is when two people who don’t feel any attraction towards each other form a relationship just because of the benefits it will bring.

Kink Dating

Everyone is kinky, at least to a point, so you’ve experienced some kink dating even though you didn’t know that at the moment. Kink dating represents all kinds of dating based on shared fetish or love towards a certain sexual activity. Because kink dating covers many different sub-categories, singles looking for someone with the same kinkiness level sometimes have trouble getting dates. That might be a reason why there are so many various kink dating sites. Now all the sites are listed simultaneously, so singles can discover sites specialized in the specific category of kink dating without wasting much time.

Poly Dating

What’s better than one open relationship? The unlimited number of relationships! That would be a description of poly dating. However, there’s a difference between poly dating and hooking up. Hookups are one-night stands. People who are into poly dating start real open relationships that sometimes last for years. The biggest difference between those relationships and normal relationships is that monogamous people can’t have sex with anyone else except their partner. However, poly relationships are usually causal, and no one has any serious intentions.


Polygamy is a relationship between more than 2 people. For example, 2 men living with 1 woman. Most polygamy relationships are straight. If there are two men, they don’t have feelings for each other only for their wife. Of course, there are polygamous relationships where (at least) one person is bisexual. That makes everything simpler and lets them bond on so many different levels. There is one more concept here and that is Mormon Polygamy, which includes plural marriage in a church.


Objectophilia proves that you don’t need 2 for tango; sometimes, 1 is enough to feel sexual attraction toward objects. It may seem impossible to fall in love with a lamp, stove, or bridge. Still, many people have objectophilia. They don’t feel any excitement or arousal when other people are around them, but fireworks start when they think of their favorite objects. Some extreme cases of objectophilia are related to buildings and other massive things. One lady even fell in love with the Statue of Liberty.

Spider’s dinner, fly’s doom. It’s like that in everything. Something normal to you is weird to somebody else. That’s why it’s good to read about unusual kinds of dating and relationships. It keeps your mind open. That’s crucial for reaching your full potential as a human being. If you are looking for an unconventional relationship then take a look at these weird dating sites.


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