Stop Wasting Your Money on These Cleaning Gadgets


Cleaning becomes more manageable and can even be fun with the help of numerous cleaning gadgets. The problem is not all cleaning gadgets work as well as they are advertised to be, leaving you disappointed and with a lighter wallet. In this case, you can contact the most reliable Glimmr Manchester services to do the job.  These products do more harm than good and can be substituted with cheaper products or DIY solutions.

Here are cleaning gadgets and products you should stop wasting your money at:

1. Ionic Air Purifiers

No one likes breathing in polluted air, but air purifiers that have no filter and only rely on ionizers aren’t effective in trapping and removing allergens at all. What’s worse is that they release low levels of ozone that can be dangerous to inhale.

2. Toothbrush Sanitizers

These gadgets may seem very cool at first: putting your toothbrush inside a case and observing as the ultraviolet light eliminates all the harmful germs and bacteria, but there’s a lack of evidence proving that they improve the user’s oral health.

3. Automatic Toilet Cleaners

Automatic toilet cleaners are usually sold as drop-in tablets. Although, plumbers warn against using these products as they have chemicals that can wear out the inside working parts of your toilet tank.

4. Steam Mops

Most steam mops will simply push away the substantial mess and leave the floors to look dull. They can also damage floors by leaving too much moisture, most especially laminate and hardwood. Your warranty might even be void by your flooring manufacturer if you’ve been cleaning with a steam mop.

5. Oven Cleaners

Modern ovens often already have a self-cleaning future, and even when they don’t, the usage of commercial oven cleaners is not advisable. These cleaners can damage your oven’s interior and are also harmful to those with respiratory issues due to their harsh ingredients.

6. Laundry Scent Boosters

Scent booster brands will convince you to improve your laundry routine by adding their products, but in truth, these products don’t make your laundry any softer or cleaner; they only make it smell pleasant. Also, the overpowering scent might cause other people issues such as irritation and headaches.

7. Laundry Detergent Pods

These detergent pods are a safety hazard and much pricier than your regular detergent. A 72-load case of detergent pods may cost you the same as a large bottle that can be used for at least 96 loads already. According to experts, laundry detergent pods just don’t do their job, and liquid detergents and sometimes even leave residue and stains behind.

8. Baby Laundry Detergents

Although babies have delicate skin, there isn’t a need to buy baby-specific laundry detergents unless they have skin conditions such as eczema, severe allergies, etc. They’re also much pricier compared to normal detergents. Additionally, since these detergents are formulated to be gentle, all the odors and baby stains can remain in the clothing.

9. Feather Dusters

These cleaning products have been around for a long time and were thought to do a good job. That’s where we’re wrong. What feather dusters do is push the dust particles around and relocate them to a new spot instead. They also send allergens into the air that can be harmful when inhaled.

10. ‘Natural’ Cleaners

One bottle of ‘natural’ cleaners may cost more than one bottle of a regular cleaner. They might be plant-based, which explains the higher price, but slack labeling regulations usually mean they also have similar active ingredients as the regular ones, meaning they aren’t that much healthier or safer.

11. Cheap Grout Cleaners

Cleaning dingy grout is among the most arduous cleaning jobs in your home. Experts have found that many cheap grout cleaners advertised on TV promised huge improvements but failed in delivering. Instead, grout pens only hide the gross stuff until the white is worn away, which leaves you back to the start.

12. Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners are amongst the popular products that plumbers took an aversion to. Some drain cleaner brands contain hydrochloric acid that can destroy your enamel and other bathroom finishes as well as eat away at your pipelines. They also have the possibility of not working, which depends on the cause of the backup.

13. Disposable Toilet Brushes

You certainly wouldn’t want to dirty your hands while cleaning the toilet, but these disposable toilet brushes create a lot of extra waste, including their packaging, the scrubbers themselves, and the brushes. Also, you would have to spend more on refills, which you would often get as the brushes aren’t that good for scrubbing, and the wands are flimsy are easy to snap.

14. Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums may work for homeowners under a specific set of conditions, which are: a house that’s free of clutter, preferably with only one level, and an open floor plan for easy navigation. They also cost double the price of an upright vacuum with better suction.

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