Stop Losing Small Items with the Help of a Moving Company


Even during a highly organized move, things get lost. When you move everything you own from one home to another, these losses can add up. Particularly vulnerable to misplacement or loss are your small items. So how can you keep these things safe as part of your next move?

Professional movers and moving companies provide the following advice.

Make a List

Moving well starts with making a list. Walk from room-to-room in your house and list everything you need packed and moved. This list is best organized by room, one room at a time.

Note each major item, such as furniture, electronics, and appliances. Then note the equipment that goes with each of these large items, such as remote controls, power cords or several cushions. Of course, when you work with a professional moving company, they conduct an inventory for you. All packing also takes place room-by-room, with all of the items in those rooms packed in close proximity.

Pack Room-By-Room

As said above, a professional moving company packs your household one room at a time. If you choose to pack and move your own items, you should follow this protocol, too. Doing so keeps all of your goods organized among those in the same room. This way, when you get to your new location, each room is easily organized and unpacked and few items can get lost. If you cannot find something, you simply remember which room it was in at the time of packing and look in the corresponding boxes.

If you want to stay even more organized, conduct a light inventory as you pack each box. Simply list each item before wrapping or padding it and placing it in the box. Then, when the box is full, simply tape the list inside one of the box’s top flaps. When you get to your destination and need particular items right away, you can use these inventories to know which boxes to unpack first.  Also consider great options like these apartment Movers In Los Angeles.

Moving Companies

Be Mindful of Your Gadgets and Electronics

We all own so many gadgets and electronics today. With these gadgets come highly important power cords and recharging cords.

When you prepare to move, place each device’s cords in a zip-locking bag. Tape the bag onto the back of the television, gaming system, stereo or other large electronics. For the smaller electronic devices like phones and tablets, place all of the recharging cords for these items in one bag in your carry-on or personal suitcase for immediate access when you need them.

Apply Outer Labels

Labeling each packed box is vital for preventing chaos at your new home. When packing your goods yourself, use a permanent marker to label each individual box. Simply label the room where you need the box to go, such as kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom or guest bathroom. Then make a smaller note of some of the key items in the box.

Use Plenty of Baggies

As mentioned for your electronic devices and other gadgets, you should use baggies when packing throughout your home. These bags are good for keeping up with cables and the devices they belong to, certainly. But they also work well for sets and small parts of other things. For example, use one baggie to pack a full set of napkin rings. A large one can work well for all of your plastic, wood and metal cooking utensils like spatulas and wooden spoons.

When you get to your new home, all you need to do to stock your kitchen cooking utensil drawer is to empty the one or two bags you packed from your old kitchen. This keeps you organized and takes much less time, than when having to locate one wooden spoon or spatula at a time.

Use a Professional Moving Company

Moving is a lot of work. This is why so many people prefer to get the help of a moving company. With a professional mover, your items stay organized, safe and secure from home to home. Boxes are neatly labeled and the movers carry insurance, in the event an item is lost or damaged.

Talk to professional movers about your relocation and moving needs. You will find that enlisting experienced help is so much easier than when working alone. This proves even more true when it comes to keeping up the small items you own.

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