Steps To Make the Existing Home Windows More Energy- Efficient


Windows are a door to your soul. So, instead of upgrading the old windows, you can look into their conditions and turn them into more energy-efficient ones.

You just need to sit beside a drafty window on a chilly afternoon to realize the efficacy of the energy-efficient windows. You will realize that because of the drafty window, your room is neither getting heated nor getting cooled properly. According to the professionals of Ecochoice Windows St Catharines, the drafty window also increases your energy bill because your HVAC has to work overtime to maintain the temperature of your home.

To overcome this cost outflow, you can think of replacing the windows, but in reality, it is not a cost-effective option.

So here are five pocket-friendly solutions you should use to make your old windows more energy efficient.

Sealing the gaps

Older windows do have leaks that are not sealed properly. You need to find and seal these gaps which are the first step in making your windows more energy efficient. But it is always not that easy to find these leaks and gaps as they are absolutely invisible to the naked eyes. However, these leaks are fairly large for air to leak through it.

Visual inspection is recommended by the Departments of Energy of different developed nations. The experts of Ecochoice Windows St Catharines also agree to this suggestion. According to them, the homeowners should check whether they can see any light seeping through the window frame.

It is better to do this examination at night as seeing the tiny streaks of light would be easier in the dark. Just shine a flashlight on the window frame and see whether you can find any light leaks.

This test can also be done using a stick of incense. Light the stick and hold it near the window frame. Watch the flow of the smoke and see if you can find the leaks.

Once you find them, use weather stripping or caulking for sealing them. This simply makes your windows more energy efficient.

Install Double Glazing

The double glazing Bristol windows come with two layers of glass which are separated by a layer of air. During winter, this helps to keep the warm air inside your home and cold air out of it. It also effectively reduces the noise coming from the outside of your home. According to the experts, this type of window also reduces the problem of indoor condensation.

The windows of the older houses may not have this Double Glazing Oldham. In this case, you can add a layer of glass in your existing window. However, this process is intricate and requires precision and careful measurement on the part of the experts. Still, it is the cheaper way to get the benefits of the upgraded window rather than actually upgrading and replacing all the older windows of your house.

Upgrade the Window Frame

Upgrading the window frame is yet another way to get the benefits. This is also cheaper than replacing the entire window in the first place. However, this simple change can improve the efficiency of your old windows by leaps and bounds. You should choose the window frames that come with the Window Energy Rating Schemes (WERS) labels.

With a new window frame in place, your windows will leak less air out of your home and keep your energy bill on the lower side.

Purchase Upgrade Window Coverings

Don’t even think that the window coverings make the windows more efficient. However, they can withstand some of the cold drafts and can help your home stay warm and comfortable. Choose heavy curtains or even thermal ones to get the best results.

You just have to make sure that you are using the coverings properly to get the best results. For that, make sure that the covering is hanging below the edge of the window. This will help the window to effectively trap the drafts. Also, make sure that you open and close the curtains at the perfect times of the day.

To get the best results, close the curtains at night when the temperature drops and open them when the sun is out. The bright sunlight coming into your house through the window will create a warming effect even if you have drafty windows at your home.

Install Window Film

Energy-efficient window films are perhaps the best way of upgrading your windows. The window film provides yet another layer on the window and reduces the effects of conduction and convection and can improve the overall efficiency of your home windows.

Choose the solar control windows films for your windows. As these films can block the infrared and ultraviolet rays, it will protect your valuables and skin on the bright sunny days. The coating can also help the homes that get uncomfortably warm on the bright sunny days.

As you can see, with a bit of innovation and smart choices you can easily make your old windows more energy efficient. If you fall short on the ideas, you can always consult the professionals of Ecochoice Windows St Catharines for further help.

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