Step-By-Step Projector Installation, At Home or In the Office


Do you already have the popcorn ready to put it in the microwave? And is the sofa also ready to welcome you for hours? Well, you don’t need anything else to fully enjoy your next series or movie, since we teach you, step by step and easily the most complicated thing: installing your projector.

Here, we will show you how to place a projector in 6 simple steps. You will discover how to install a projector without being an engineering or computer guru.

After reading these tips, your main concern will be the number of hours you will spend devouring episodes of your favorite series or presenting with the best image quality that your home theater projector or your office projector offers you.

1. Location: screen or white wall?

The first thing to do when installing your projector will be to decide where you are going to place it: the room, if you are going to hang the projector from the ceiling, on a table, or directly on the floor. And above all, before installing your projector, think about whether you are going to project it on a screen or on a white wall.

Do not forget to be clear about the answers to these questions before installing a projector, since other factors such as ambient light or screen size will depend on them, which in the end will make your experience more or less satisfactory.

2. Calculate the location and projection distance

Second, calculate the location and projection distance of your projector. At this point, the projector model you have purchased is very important. Specifically, what is called the projector throw, or the projection factor. There are even those that just by putting them at half a meter already get 100 inches in size, which would be an ultra short throw projector. But the normal thing is that, to get those 100 inches we have to put it at about 3 meters.

Brands always provide what is called a distance calculator, so that when you put your model, and the screen you want to get, they tell you how far you should place the projector.

Most of the projectors under Rs 20000 have a projection size of 45 to 120-inches.

3. How to hang the projector from the ceiling with a bracket

Many choose to install the projector on the ceiling. But how can I hang a projector from the ceiling? You can visualize yourself with bits, appliques, and other DIY tools. But don’t worry, to install your new projector on the ceiling you don’t need great technical notions.

Today, there are practical and simple projector mounts that are easy to install and take up little space. Simply, before you begin ceiling mounting your projector with the power drill and instructions, remember the following:

  • Install the projector on the ceiling parallel to the highest part of the projected screen. And take into account the offset, the distance from the ceiling that the projector should be placed if the screen started on the ceiling. You can check this in the technical specifications of your specific model.
  • Make sure that the support of your ceiling projector allows you to adjust the height at which the image is projected based on the height of the room. Usually the ceilings are usually between 2.5 and 3 meters.
  • Check the amount of weight that the stand itself supports.

They are 3 very important key tips to know how to put a projector on the ceiling with all the guarantees.

4. Adjust the image: offset and keystone

The fourth step in setting up your projector is adjusting the image. After verifying that you have followed the instructions for mounting your device on the ceiling and that it is correctly fixed, you can connect your projector and start playing with the lens to adjust the image to your liking.

Here the inclination and keystone come into play, two concepts that you will have to take into account to know how to install a projector with the maximum performance.

The projection tilt when installing a projector

When installing your projector on the ceiling, it should be slightly inclined downwards, while if you place it on the floor the inclination will be higher so that it displays images at a comfortable height for your vision.

How to place a projector and its image with the best framing

In turn, the keystone or trapezoidal correction will allow you to digitally adjust the image to the sides of the projection and will be very useful if your projector is on an unstable surface. Their values ​​normally oscillate 30 degrees, although they are usually adjustable by means of a button on the device itself. This way, you will get the perfect fit for your image.

5. Cables, or wireless connection?

On the other hand, something basic when installing your projector is how it feeds power. At this point, many wonder if it is possible to install a projector at home without cables. The market offers some projectors that work via wifi and bluetooth, but if your new projector has cables, don’t worry either.

We only advise that these are collected or go to areas of the room where you are not going to step, especially so as not to trip over them. Of course, keep in mind that adding the wireless feature of a projector without cables in the end makes the product more expensive.

6. Configuration and ECO Mode

Continuing with the installation of your device at home or in an office, you will only have the sixth and final step: configure your projector. Part of that configuration when installing your projector you will have already done by adjusting the image, but you will also have to check the color, sharpness and brightness. Calibrate them on the projector itself to your liking.

Finally, and in terms of brightness, many current projectors have two modes; normal and Eco Mode , which is a perfect alternative if your room is dark. The reason is that it makes a contrast that improves the quality of the image and, in addition, lengthens the useful life of the lens and the lamp.


Installing your projector, as you can see, has no mystery. For both your home and office, with this simple six-step guide you know how to hang a projector from the ceiling or fix it to the floor, and how to set it up. So you just have to choose the one you like the most, buy it and, most importantly, enjoy it.

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