Spray Foam Insulation Vs Fibreglass: What’s Better For Your Money?


Are you trying to decide what kind of spray foam insulation you will utilize during the actual job construction process? It will not be an easy decision. But there are things that could guide us in that ordeal. In this guide, we will closely differentiate and distinguish the open-cell spray foam insulation in different ways and its alternatives. By then, at the end of this article, you will already have an idea of which one to pick best for your project building!

The Benefits Of Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

If you are planning to have a new building insulated or upgraded or you and your insulation contractors are looking for choices, here are the benefits of an open-cell spray foam insulation that is worth looking at before purchasing the one!

Cooling And Healing Benefits

 Spray foams tend to get into tiny parts of cracks and crevices. When it is directly applied to cracks, it quickly dries and expands while blocking the air and water. Plus, it is also good for heat and cold as well. It is good for lowering your heating and cooling bills. Thus, even it can be quite expensive, open-cell spray foam insulation will save you a budget in the long-term run.

Zero-Pollen And Allergen Benefits

 Spray foam insulation has the high capacity of reducing the amount of pollen or allergens that get through your walls which makes you safer from allergies and respiratory problems. As long as there is less air that gets in, there is a zero chance of sneezing. Thus, you can save more on your medical bills.

Noise Reduction Benefits

The open cells spray foam insulation is good at reducing noise and minimizing the reach of noise than any other type of insulation.

Mold And Mildew Growth Prevention Benefits

Both types of cell foam insulation, open and closed, works best on preventing moisture build-up or condensation through the walls of your building. However, only open-cell spray foam works like a strong barrier on large amounts of water trying to pass your walls! Thus, this makes your wall more sturdy because open-cell insulation spray foams are sticks everywhere and anything like glue, strong winds and, earthquake is not worrisome! 

Bugs, Insects, And Small Pests Prevention Benefits

Take note that tiny holes in the location of your building is open for any pesticides that may get into your home. But with open-cell spray foam, you can prevent diseases from rodent waste, and this makes you have a solution if you are looking for ways on how to create a shield against small intruders.

The benefits of choosing the open-cell spray foam insulation is the one that should be considered a great choice, in no matter which or where building, whether this is an old or new one, even though it might cost you a higher price than other cheaper or much costly types of insulation, this one gives you a chance to budget your money wisely than spending it recklessly. If you live in a place where winter happens, cold and moisture is being prevented with spray foam. In summer, heat is minimized and being blocked to protect you and your walls. It basically ensures your health, safety and financial security. Plus, if you are after a “green movement” or you are transition to care more for the environment, spray foam insulation is a good and environmentally friendly choice for it is good at making a reduction of energy consumption and at the same time protection from your building. This is guaranteed at all costs and with a long-lasting use which makes you consume fewer number of materials that cost triple than what you are trying to spend for. 

On the other hand, fibreglass insulation is not and never definitely as great and as beneficial as spray foam insulation. Here’s why, first, fibreglass cannot function for the long term. Fibreglass does sag and do a bunch, causing it to be replaced all the time. Its features also do not prevent air from passing through. On the actual average, an increase or more than 30 percent of heat and air condition escapes its way out on where the fibreglass insulation is attached. What’s more, making it a disadvantage is that, if it is poorly installed, fibreglass can leave a problematic residue of spaces around some fixtures, making more heat and cooling escape again. So, if you are trying to discern what’s best for your money? Think about the spray foam insulation; it does not sag, it does not break over periods of time, it fills spaces, it prevents air from escaping. It acts as a great air barrier companion, unlike fibreglass who has a higher R-value. And even though this type of insulation is a high investment for it being expensive, it is still a good investment anyway, especially if you still or really oversee it until the long run. With that, you can save more money and spend less. Buy once, use it forever. Unlike buying all over again because of endless product failure! Go for spray foam insulation with the high-guaranteed quality; your money is used for the better and not the coming worse and more dangerous situations.

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