Sports Betting Advertising Ban in Australia through the Prism of Online Gambling Boom

The Alliance for Gambling Reform is looking for a ban on sports betting ads. Why? It services as a destructive marketing approach that affects people’s life. In fact, Australians lose more money on gambling than any other nationality in the world.

Is the problem hides behind a well-reputed online casino used for gambling activities? Or Australian gamblers find it more difficult to control themselves? Whatever the case is, a proper solution needs to be found. After all, they can find more guidance on online gambling at The collected knowledge from “Aussie Online Casino” will definitely decrease potential risks.

So, what did happen to Tim Costello’s call for an advertising ban? The Alliance for Gambling Reform’s director has failed to receive a positive result.

Concerns about impressionable people

With online gambling levels boosting constantly in Australia during the pandemic, an anti-gambling community is encouraging a ban on sports or poker betting advertising. Tim Costello believes that recent reforms by the Australian government are not helping to support Aussies. He expressed his concerns about constant ads that offer different types of bonus bets. They have surely triggered some people to gamble again and again.

Superannuation is a type of retirement payment in Australia. During the lockdown, eligible AU players could make early payouts from their superannuation accounts without getting excessive penalties.

Costello has also covered the topic of negative excitement. In his eyes, online gambling advertising happens to be destructive to young people. He has said that a total ban on sports betting advertising was the best solution. After all, repeating the experience of Italy and France in the sphere will most likely have a positive impact on online gambling in Australia as well.

Ignoring the calls for a ban

Australia takes the leading positon on the list of the biggest annual gambling losses per adult. In fact, local players lose about $24billion on gambling annually. Sport betting is turning into a popular adventure in the country, with annual losses on betting reaching $1billion.

The main lobbying community for corporate sports betting brands in Australia is known under the name of Responsible Wagering Australia. Brent Jackson, the group’s chief manager, stated that Costello could have his own vision of banning gambling ads. However, it is “just another self-serving attempt to confuse AU bettors.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform believes that particular sports betting processes fall under the fines related to illegal advertising. Since 2015, lots of bookies have received convictions for breaking gambling advertising laws. Their players have suffered unfair treatment of gambling operators in terms of winnings.

A drastic increase in online gambling

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According to the professional survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, one in three of the 2,000 participants created a new sports betting account during the pandemic. The number of people involved in gambling became at least five times higher in 2020. The jump from 23% to 32% speaks for itself. It means that people will still go for online gambling with or without an advertising ban.