Some Simple and Easy Things You Can Do to Give Your Bathroom an Upgrade


The perfect bathroom is within reach, and if you’ve been itching to upgrade your bathroom space but are not quite sure how to do it without going for a major remodel, then here’s what you should know: with a few simple changes, you can still achieve the bathroom of your dreams. The trick is to know what you should prioritise and choose your upgrades wisely.  And speaking of thinking wisely, you should know by now that having all the design you want in a bathroom could easily be destroyed by bad odor? This is why you put on top of your upgrades having fragrance products such as Devon Wick order to maintain the overall feel of the room and set your ambiance. With these key changes, your bathroom will no longer look underwhelming and can instead be the bathroom you’ve always wanted. So what are the changes you can make? Here are some simple and easy things you can do to give your bathroom an upgrade.

Replace the wallpaper or paint

If you have an old bathroom and it looks dull, one easy thing you can do is replace the wallpaper or paint. You can breathe new life into the space by replacing old wallpaper with something in a bright and bold pattern or something in a more calming, serene hue. New wallpaper or paint can give your bathroom fresh appeal and instantly make it Instagram-worthy! It will also make your bathroom look more elegant and upscale. If you don’t want something permanent, you can opt for temporary wallpaper that you can simply stick and peel off when you want something different.

Change the vanity

Your bathroom vanity may be all worn out and discoloured as well, so another thing you can do is change the vanity. When you replace an old vanity with a new one, it can instantly transform your bathroom’s look. You can also go for vanity combinations that feature a worktop along with a basin; this isn’t just space-saving and practical, it is budget-friendly as well.  Also,  you can prefer Vanity Units that make your bathroom luxurious.

Accessorise your bathroom with splashes of colour

Another simple yet effective change you can make for your bathroom is to accessorise it with splashes of colour. You can, for instance, refresh your bathroom by updating various surfaces, such as the windows (go for window treatment), the towels, the rugs, and the shower curtains. If your bath or shower is in a neutral shade, these hints and splashes of colour can provide a nice contrast. If you love doing arts and crafts, why not back a storage unit or shelves with colourful stick-on paper as well?

Upgrade your bathroom shower enclosure

If you want something that can definitely transform your space and be a worthwhile investment because it can also upgrade your shower experience, you can replace your old shower enclosure with a pre-built one. Modular, ready-made shower cabins are all the rage because you can easily install them in less than a day and they come ready to fit with features like massage and body jets, Bluetooth and FM radio connections, thermostatic sensors, and integrated shelving. These units look sleek and modern and can be just the perfect element to give your bathroom an entirely different look and appeal.

Brighten up the space with a new mirror

Mirrors are essential for any bathroom, but you can add more glamour to your bathroom space by replacing an old mirror with a new one. You can go for a big, round, gilded mirror to add a bit of drama to your bathroom’s look, or you can opt for a sturdy and modern rectangular or square mirror for a contemporary, chic theme.

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