Some Of The Best Movies Related To Family Life & Divorce

Going through property papers that need to be amended or deciding your children’s future after a divorce can be an arduous and exhausting process. You need to make sure you hire the best Fort Bend county divorce lawyers because your future peace of mind depends on it. There is no denying that there are some situations related to divorce that can be extremely emotional and other experiences that can be ridiculously humorous. Here we look at some of the best movies related to family life and divorce to help you take the edge off of the situation.

1. Marriage Story (2019)

Charlie Barber, played by Adam Driver, is a movie director based out of New York. His wife Nicole Barber, played by Scarlett Johansson, is an actress and has always considered herself to be more affiliated to Los Angeles, California even though the couple lives in New York. The two have many differences of opinion and one of their major concerns is whether they should continue to live in New York or move to Los Angeles. Initially, they both agree that if they were to get a divorce, they wouldn’t use lawyers but use mediators first to try and patch up the situation.

As Nicole goes to Los Angeles for a work-related trip, one of her friends recommends her to Nora Fanshaw. Nora is an extremely skillful and competent divorce lawyer that Nicole hires without informing Charlie. The director and writer of the movie is Noah Baumbach. The movie has received several accolades and awards at the box office and anyone watching the movie will be able to relate to many of the incidents depicted in the movie related to family life. For real facts about family life in America, check out our Interesting Facts about Family Life in America.

2. Bye Bye, Love (1995)

Bye Bye, Love has a refreshing new approach of presenting the perspective of three divorced men instead of women. The three men in the movie are Dave, Vic, and Donny who are also best friends and played by Matthew Modine, Randy Quaid, and Paul Reiser. The movie deals with the men’s relationships with their ex-wives, families, girlfriends, children, and friends as they go through a divorce. The movie might not have a lot of sentimental intrigues but it is an exciting and indulging comedy to watch.

3. Stepmom (1998)

Stepmom stars Susan Sarandon as Jackie who is divorced from Luke Harrison played by Ed Harris. Jackie and Luke are the parents of Anna and Ben. Luke has moved on to find a girlfriend by the name of Isabel who is also a successful fashion photographer. Jackie used to be a reputable publisher but now finds that she will be unable to care for her children because she has a terminal illness.

Isabel will become the stepmom of Anna and Ben but she doesn’t know how to care for these children. In the movie, Jackie learns to put aside her selfish, immature, and cold feelings for Luke’s soon-to-be fiance. Jackie, knowing that she doesn’t have much time left, helps Isabel bond with the children. Stepmom is a movie that has a lot of deep and hidden messages about how our society has evolved. Be prepared to go on an emotional rollercoaster when you watch this movie.