Some common sofa styles for every budget


Sofas alias couches are available in various styles, and you will always find something that suits your needs in all respects. Sofas are among the most popular home furniture or better to say no home is complete without a sofa set. Before you start shopping, be clear about what you want in terms of aesthetics, style, and budget.  Different types of wood are used for making sofas, and the upholstery materials are of various kinds. How much you want to spend influences the choice because cheaper wood like pine will be less durable while hardwood though costly, will last for years. It is better to avoid other materials like particleboard, plastic, or metals that are no match to wooden sofas.

However, the sofa style dominates the selection, and here are some options that you can try out.

Traditional sofas

The traditional sofa style is the three-seat sofa that you will find at most places, including offices’ reception. These typical sofas are available in a wide range of designs and colors that you can change by changing the upholstery, fabric material, microfiber, or leather. Different sofa styles are available, and you can even create your style by choosing a high-back sofa or a sofa with removable cushions.  Be sure to get help from experts such as those at upholstery Edinburgh.

Sectional sofas

Flexibility is always an added advantage for any sofa style, and the sectional sofas are trendy nowadays just because you can set it up in the way you want. Since the setup options are many, you can use the couch in the way you want, depending on the room’s space. If you’re going to position the sofas for intimate conversations, you can split the sections into individual pieces and arrange them accordingly. Again, if you want to place the couch in the corner of the room, you can opt for an L-shaped arrangement. Sectional sofas are also available in the modular variety, which allows you to alter the arrangement depending on the number of people who will use the furniture.

Sleeper sofas

Some sofa styles double up as sleepers and are ideal for small homes or maximizing the floor space to meet various needs. Sleeper sofas are dual-purpose that you can use for sitting during the day and at night remove the cushions to pull out the underlying bed. You can convert any room into a guest room using sleeper sofas that are easy to set up and quite comfortable for sleeping. These sofas are pretty heavy, and you cannot change the setting easily, but the advantage of dual-use makes it a great choice.  Also try this site if you are in Australia to help ensure you keep your upholstery and sleeper sofa clean.


As the name denotes, Loveseat sofas are typical two-seat sofas that are ideal for two persons to share comfortably within a private space.   These are some of the most famous living room furniture. The seats are spacious enough to allow flexible seating for more comfort and coziness. As love seats do not take up too much space, it is ideal for all room sizes.

You can keep changing the layout of furniture by moving a single unit that adds some variety and refreshes the room’s looks.

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