Soccer On The Field And In The Gym – Advantages, And Differences


Soccer is probably the most popular game in the world. Thousands of soccer teams, millions of fans around the world, hundreds of different tournaments, championships, friendlies – all this is “His Majesty Football”. At the same time futsal betting have become very popular, few people have not heard of this type of recreation and income.

Currently, There Are Different Types Of The Game Of Soccer:

  • Traditional, on a large grass field
  • Futsal
  • Indoor soccer
  • Beach soccer

What Are The Differences Between Playing Soccer On The Field Or In The Gym?

Let’s Look At The Main Differences Between Traditional And Futsal Soccer.

The formation of soccer on the big field began quite a long time ago, the ball was played in different countries around the world – from China to America, the rules in each country were different, as well as the names of the ball game. Closer to the traditional rules of playing soccer on the grass field became in the XIX century, the ancestor of this game is considered England.

Briefly recall the basic rules of the game. The soccer field is a rectangular grass lawn with white markings and goals on opposite sides. Soccer field dimensions are 100-110m long and 64-75m wide. The match involved two teams of 11 field players in each (one of them – the goalkeeper) in a special soccer uniform. Almost all soccer fields, and stadiums are located outdoors. Games take place from early spring to late fall. In winter, big soccer is not played on snow-covered fields.

Indoor soccer came much later. This kind of game was developed in the second half of the XX century. The founder of this type of soccer was the head of FIFA at the time, the Brazilian footballer J. Avelange. The first tournament in the new game was held in 1958 in Vienna, Austria. To meet the size requirements, the court must have a length of 38-42m, and a width of 18-25m. The game is played on the hard surface of the hall.

There are many differences between the two types of games, although the goal is the same – to score more goals in the opponent’s goal to win. Equipment plays an important role in equipping athletes, as well as the sports equipment used.

The advantages of playing soccer on different fields.

Soccer On A Traditional Playing Field Has A Number Of Beneficial Differences:

  • Spectacle, the ability to gather crowds of thousands of spectators.
  • Completely different tactics, the strategy of play, long passes, multi-move combinations, long shots.
  • Spectacular bounces are one of the most common ways for defenders to take the ball away, allowed only on the real grass.
  • Players are required to be physically prepared, especially in endurance. Running two halves of 45 minutes is not easy.
  • Television broadcasts from large stadiums allow you to watch matches on television from many different angles.

At The Same Time, Playing Soccer In The Gym Has Its Advantages:

  • A much less financially costly form of team combat.
  • The dynamic, high-speed game without the pauses that abound in “big” soccer.
  • It can be played around the clock, as games are played indoors.
  • More contact fighting.
  • Dashing attacks, instant counterattacks when the ball is lost, numerous shots on goal.
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