Small Living Room – How to Organize the Space


Everyone is dreaming of a stylish, comfortable, and well-thought-out living room. You are not alone. We offer you the most practical solutions that will help you turn even the smallest and cramped living room into a comfortable place to relax with your family and friends.

Use the Space Around Windows and Doors

Use the walls to free up space in the room. Place shelves above the window and put away excess items or things that you do not often use. A brightly colored bicycle mounted on the wall can become an accent detail in the living room interior. You can also hang minimalist posters and pictures on the wall.  It is a well known fact that good interiors can sell at higher price in case you need to sell your house in future. These days people use virtual staging real estate to sell their house.

Install Compact Furniture

Bulky wardrobes or huge sofas are definitely a no-go thing for a small living room. Instead, give preference to a metal or wooden rack, a compact couch or a pair of comfortable chairs. This way, you will save space and keep the interior cozy. Also, compact furniture can be easily rearranged if you decide to update the decor at some point.

Use the Space in the Corners

The corners of the rooms are often left unused, which is definitely a mistake. To free up precious inches, you can install shelves that will stretch from one wall to another. Placed books, figurines, and photographs will decorate the interior. If you have no idea of how to organize space in the corners and what furniture sets are placed there, then the best virtual staging will help you find the right interior solution.

Paint Walls in White

Painting the walls in white is the easiest way to visually enlarge your living room. Shades of white reflect the sun’s rays, so the space becomes not only larger but also brighter. You can dilute a minimalist interior with paintings, mirrors, or bright textiles. Painting the walls in white, it is easier to find a balance by adding bright accents and decor items to the target places.

Install Functional Partitions

The idea of ​​dividing space with shelving is not new but still valid. The partition equipped with shelves will become not only a bright accent in the interior but also an additional place to store your favorite little things. Also, this is an excellent solution for studio apartments in which the window is located only on one side.

Go for Smart Furniture

Focus on versatility! A sofa with built-in drawers and a coffee table on wheels with a basket for blankets will allow you to eliminate unnecessary pieces of furniture and save space in a small living room. Play around with small and multi-functional furniture items that can perform a couple of functions at the same time.

Go for Smart Furniture

Use a Windowsill & Batteries

Use surfaces to the maximum. A little decor and a few books on a wooden shelf mounted on a battery will be enough to make the interior feel cozier. And on the windowsill, you can even organize a place for reading by throwing a couple of pillows on it. There is no good or bad on how to employ a windowsill or batteries in a living room. So it is up to you how to use the space.

Use the Walls up to the Ceiling

Do you have a small living room with high ceilings? Then this is the solution for you! Full-wall shelving will save space and accommodate the entire family library. However, to get a book off the top shelf, it is worth getting a stepladder or wooden ladder.

Try White Furniture

White furniture is not to everyone’s taste: some people consider white to be too cold; others adore its neutrality. A white sofa, white chairs, white bookshelves will still help to visually enlarge the living room. Also, light objects will look organically in the interior in the Scandinavian style.

Organize Niches for Storage

To free up the maximum space in the living room, you need to use all the nooks and crannies of the room. For example, if you have free space between the closet and the window, you can organize a comfortable workplace in it with additional shelves for books. By organizing niches in a living room, you can remove or hide unnecessary or rarely used items that simply clutter the space and make the room look bulky.




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