Small bathrooms: tips to decorate and create more space


Combining functionality and decoration is the main challenge for those who are looking for ways to have a small bathroom nicely decorated. With the right tips and creativity, you can transform a dull bathroom into a more beautiful and pleasant environment.

Take advantage of verticality

Use the bathroom walls to accommodate toiletries, towels and decorative objects. This can be achieved with the use of small shelves. The important thing is to free the floor space and the lower parts of the bathroom, increasing the space for circulation.

Sink and mirrors

As you don’t have much space above the sink or worktop, you should invest in wall-hung storage cabinets, leaving the sink surface free for more essential items such as toothbrushes and soap.

Mirrors in the bathroom are excellent for creating depth and width. However, we recommend frameless or thinly framed models. Mirrors with lights attached to the wall are also great solutions to save space and put on makeup more easily.

Cabinets and doors

The bathroom cabinets must be proportional to the size of the bathroom. Avoid buying large units that will get in the way. Opt for more compact models below the sink. Alternatively, you can simply remove them from the decor and replace them with shelves and other types of storage solutions.

Sliding doors are preferable, whether on the cabinets, the shower stall or even the main bathroom door. This type of opening frees up space for other objects and makes movement easier.

Make the most of the smallest spaces

Make the most of the smallest spaces

Don’t underestimate the corners of your bathroom. They can be very useful both for decorating and storing objects. You can, for example, use the top of the toilet to put shelves or attach hangers on the back of the door. Make the most of the space inside the shower stall and underneath the sink if there is no cabinet.

Floors, walls and colours

Give preference to larger, wide and light-coloured flooring and tiles. You can set other types of decorative tiles, but select only one wall or part of the bathroom to apply the decorative effect.

Choose a light colour to compose the foundation of the bathroom. It doesn’t have to be white, nowadays, the off-white palette and pastel shades are trendy. Leave the strongest and most vibrant colours to compose details inside the bathroom.

Decorative objects

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate it. Use pictures on the wall, vases of flowers on the worktop or hanging on the wall. For shampoos, lotions and creams, consider the possibility of using other containers for them instead of theirpackaging. Choose more beautiful bottles, like glass jars, for example.


Wall lights are the perfect solution for adding that extra touch to your bathroom lighting and enhancing your decor. This special type of lighting generally throws the light upwards – depending on the model – making the light indirect, soft and pleasant.


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