Six Ways to Wear a Beanie


 Beanies are an ideal way of styling your winter wear. There are many ways that you can style your beanie. Besides, there are also many designs of beanies that you will not want to miss. They are a must-have accessory for your winter wardrobe. Knowing how to style your embroidered beanies can bring a whole burst of life to your winter fashion. Do you want to take your beanie fashion several notches higher? If you want to style your scotch and soda jacket like a pro, this article also covers you. Keep reading to get ways to wear your beanie like they were made for you. 

1. Cover your entire forehead and let your hair loose

If you want to create a classic look, then this is your best way to wear your beanie. Pull the edge of the beanie to be just a little above your eyebrow. Ensure your beanie is a bit loose on its top. Let your bangs flow beneath the hat. The whole idea of this style is to conceal your forehead. This is an ideal way to keep warm and still show off your hair. This is warm because it ensures your ears are well protected from the cold. A lot of people who have dyed their hair edges would swear by this style. 

This look is classic, and you would want to style it classically. A beanie over your forehead paired with a neutrally colored trench coat is a look to die for. You can have a long trench coat and a shorter dress for a killer statement. You can also throw on a scarf to complement this look. 

2. Wearing the beanie high on the head

For more fun and relaxed look, I recommend that you try wearing your beanie high on the head. This is quite a liberal style because you can choose to show off your bangs or tuck them into the beanie. The extra material left at the centre of the beanie can stand at the centre of the head. Alternatively, you can fold it to the back of the head. To achieve more fun look with this style, go for a beanie that highly contrasts with your hair. 

This look is perfect when it is not so cold. You can pair it perfectly with pull necks and jeans, for a classic relaxed look. 

3. Folding the edges of the beanie

This is a style that looks elegant on both men and women. Whenever you have to hit the road and it is extremely cold, this is your way to go. Fold the edges of the beanie and ensure that it entirely covers your ears. The layered tips protecting your ears will be a blessing in disguise for any annoyingly cold weather. 

This style works hand in hand with those heavy trench coats and fur coats. 

4. Letting your hair down

Tucking your hair in the beanie often results in ugly bulges. Nobody wants those annoying bulges while wearing a beanie. We want them to look like they were made for us. If you have had enough with the bumps, leave your hair to breathe. 

Besides looking put-together, letting loose of your hair is protective. It provides more warmth to the ears and the necks. This style requires a minimalistic look around the neck. It can be quite overwhelming to have a massive scarf and long hair, all hanging around your neck. Take a minimalistic approach around the neck while your hair is loose. You don’t want to look burdened and overloaded. 

This look does not have to be boring, though. You can swipe your hair and have it secured on the sides of the beanie for an edgier and livelier look. 

5. Wearing a beanie over a ponytail

Hair all over the place can be a little annoying, especially if you want to carry out other tasks. If you want to show off your hair without having to adjust it after every few seconds, consider wearing your beanie over a low ponytail. Securing your hair prevents the mess of having your hair all over. 

6. Oversized beanies for curly hair

Finding the most suitable beanie for curly hair is usually an uphill task. Regular beanies over curly hair will show some annoying bulges. You can have your baggy beanie high over your head. This creates a loose illusion that does not show any bumps, but allows you to show off your curly hair proudly. 


Beanies are not only for protection from cold. They are the ultimate way of accessorizing during winter. How you wear and style your beanie will determine your look. Learn to wear your beanie elegantly if you would love to create fashion statements. Just throwing them on anyhow will create a juvenile impression, and nobody wants that. Try the styles above for an edgier look. 

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