Six Possible Problems You May Encounter With Frameless Cabinets

When choosing kitchen cabinets, the first thing one needs to decide is the type of frame.

Homeowners will be stuck between two options: Framed cabinets and Frameless cabinets. Earlier framed cabinets were quite popular, but frameless cabinets have become the top choice these days.

Another decision that homeowners have to look upon is what to lay on top of the cabinet. There are various options available, like marble, granite, and travertine, which homeowners can consider. Quartz is also a good option as it is easy to clean.

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Now let’s learn more about the various benefits and problems with frameless cabinets.

What are framed cabinets?

A framed cabinet is the most basic-looking cabinet that one can find in every other house. It looks like a plain cabinet box that has a wide picture frame. The frame has horizontal pieces, called rails, and vertical support, called stiles. One can either put a door inside the cabinet’s frame or place it on the front side.

What are frameless cabinets?

Originated from Europe, frameless cabinets are contemporary-looking cabinets that have recently become quite popular. As the name suggests, there are no frames present on the cabinet. Instead, the doors and the drawers are fixed directly on the edges of the cabinet box.

The hinges of the door are anchored on the side of the walls of the cabinet. One can usually find frameless cabinets with arch panels and raised panel doors.

Framed and frameless cabinet comparison

The difference between frameless and framed cabinets is not much. Only the structural quality and durability is the point of difference between the two. It is the choice of the homeowner what design to choose.

Although the frameless cabinet is popular, homeowners prefer framed cabinets more. The reason behind this is the issues one faces with the frameless cabinets.

Let’s shed light on some of the problems with frameless cabinets that homeowners face:

Problems with frameless cabinets

1. Less sturdy

A frameless cabinet is not as strong as a framed one. There are no framing anchors present on the cabinets that can provide support and rigidity to it. Therefore, one has to always be alert when dealing with a frameless cabinet. Above that, the installation charges are more than one has to pay for a framed cabinet.

2. Frequent adjustments

The frameless cabinets must be adjusted where the ground tends to shift. Individuals residing in an earthquake-prone area may face issues with the alignment of the frameless cabinet. Even if the floor or the walls are imperfect, the cabinets might go out of alignment. Due to this, one might have to adjust the cabinet now and then.

3. Cost factor

As frameless cabinets are quite trendy, their demand and supply are much more than any other cabinet style. Due to this reason, frameless cabinets are expensive.

4. Difficulty in the installation

Unlike framed cabinets, frameless ones require precision. One has to place it exactly the way it should be placed. Even minor mistakes can drain away all the hard work in minutes. So people who love DIY should reconsider trying anything extraordinary with frameless cabinets.

5. Periodic jamming of drawers

The drawers of frameless cabinets get jammed more often than in framed ones. One can also face the issue of having their utensils getting caught up in the rack and top of the cabinet. This may get quite annoying when dealing with frameless cabinets on an everyday basis.

6. Limited options in sizes

One of the most significant problems with frameless cabinets that most homeowners face is the limited size availability. In addition, there are limited options for modifications and sizes. So, if homeowners want a little larger or smaller cabinet, they have to drop the idea of having a frameless design. Due to this, one cannot have inset doors and standard overlay options.

What to consider while choosing between framed or frameless cabinets?

Choosing between framed and frameless is not easy. One has to look at a few things before making a choice. Let’s see what they are:

Advantages of both

Both framed and frameless cabinets have their own set of advantages. The framed cabinet is stronger and more sturdy, as mentioned above, whereas frameless ones are trendy. Now it’s up to the personal preferences of homeowners.


The framed cabinets have more designs and modifications than the frameless ones. There are several customization options available in the framed cabinets. At the same time, the frameless cabinet can offer limited options.

Expenses and budget

In comparison to the frameless cabinet, framed ones are quite economical. Moreover, as their structure is simple, one has to put less effort into installing it. Thus, there is a huge reduction in the installation charges.

Budget and expense

Framed cabinets tend to be more budget-friendly than frameless ones. The reason behind this is their simple construction. As there is less construction work required in making a framed cabinet, its purchasing cost is also less. If spending more is not a problem, then one can go for a frameless cabinet, but be aware of the challenges it may cause.


There is not much difference between the space that framed, and frameless cabinets have to offer. With a frameless cabinet, one gets full access to keep large appliances. However, due to the center stile on the framed cabinet, slightly less storage space is left to keep the utilities.

What are the benefits and problems with frameless cabinets? — Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s all about the particular taste and style that one is looking to install. Before making a decision, make sure to check as many framed and frameless designs as possible. This will give one an idea of whether the cabinet is suitable for the design of the house or not.

Homeowners who are aiming for a contemporary-looking house should go for a frameless cabinet design. Yes, a few problems are associated with this type of design, but that does not mean one shouldn’t install it because everything comes with some pros and cons, right?