Single Panel vs. Sectional Garage Doors


We need to know what single-panel garage doors are before we compare them. Let’s discuss what makes a garage door a single panel and what it means to be sectional.

A single-panel garage door has a large piece that slides up into the space above the car when it opens. Usually, single panel garage doors are hung on a solid hinge system attached to the jamb. This design of garage doors can be found in older homes.

A sectional garage door has horizontal panels joined together by hinges that allow it to bend and curve as it goes up and down. A sectional garage door has a smaller opening clearance and is more modern.

Pros of Single Panel Garage Doors

There are several benefits to choosing a single-panel garage door, even though it’s an older style. Check out the benefits of single-panel garage doors.

1. More Variety

More of a selection of both design and material can be found in single-panel garage doors. Sectional garage doors are more limited to structures that function well within smaller segments and seams. You can use virtually any material without having to worry about the look of the door being interrupted by additional panels.

2. Less Expensive

Single panel garage doors are usually less expensive than sectional garage doors made from similar materials. When you don’t have to worry about garage door cable or springs being broken, your single panel garage door will still save you money. In the long run, single-panel garage doors can be less expensive to install.

3. Simple

Because it is one large panel, a single panel garage door is much simpler to properly install than a sectional garage door. A single panel door has fewer parts, which means fewer bits can potentially wear down and break over time.

Cons of Single Panel Garage Doors

A single-panel garage door has many benefits, but it can have some drawbacks. If you are considering a single-panel garage door, be aware of the factors.

1. Safety

The lack of safety features is what has caused single-panel garage doors to go out of style. Extension springs can fail if not properly maintained, which is why single panel garage doors use them. Old springs can cause a lot of damage in your garage, especially if they are rusted.

2. Expensive Repairs

There is a possibility that the entire door will fail at once when a single panel door breaks down. A sectional garage door that has been damaged can be repaired, but a single panel garage door needs to be replaced every time.

3. Space Restrictions

Smaller houses in tightly packed communities might not be the best place to put a garage door. Due to the angle at which they operate, single-panel garage doors don’t allow much space inside. You’ll need to be parked farther back as the door opens because a single-panel garage door has to tilt a few extra feet to open.

Pros of Sectional Garage Doors

There are many benefits to sectional garage doors. Let us now see sectional garage doors benefits:

1. Security

Sectional garage doors offer extra security because they have rubber seals around their perimeter, blocking wind drafts and preventing dirt from blowing into the garage. Because they don’t have an obvious target point of entry, sectional garage doors also offer more security and protection from potential intruders.

2. Durability

A sectional garage door typically stands up to harsh weather conditions better than a single panel garage door. Sectional garage doors also grant you more control over how much the door is opened, so you can open it incrementally to allow for ventilation while cutting down on any glare from the sun.

3. Compact Operation

Single panel garage doors need a specific clearance space to operate, whereas sectional garage doors move within a plane. A garage door with a narrow range of motion allows vehicles to come and go without being restricted. Sectional garage doors do not kick out when they open, so you can drive right up to the face of the door before opening it. You can use this feature whenever a car is needed to be parked in the garage.

Cons of Sectional Garage Doors

With the benefits of sectional garage doors in mind, let’s take a look at some of the negatives:

1. Continual Maintenance

A sectional garage door needs more care than a single panel garage door. The parts of a sectional garage door may need to be repaired or replaced. You will need to develop a regular maintenance routine if you choose a sectional garage door.

2. Cost

The operational mechanism of sectional garage doors makes them more expensive than single-panel garage doors. Maintenance costs for a sectional garage door can quickly add up with more parts to repair.

3. Complicated Installation Process

The installation of a sectional garage door is more complex than the single panel garage door. It’s always recommended to hire a professional to install a sectional garage door because it’s more complicated than just one part. A garage door expert will ensure that you get a smooth and safe installation. Click here to view the different¬†fix quick garage doors¬†available to know which type is best for your garage.

One advantage of a sectional garage door is that they are very reliable. Because each panel has its connection to the garage door track, it is very secure when the door is opened and closed. It is possible to repair one panel without repairing the entire door. Standard garage doors only have a few connections, so they can go off track easier or otherwise have problems, which is why sectional garage doors are a better choice.



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