Simple Yet Effective DIY Steps To Bed Bug Proof Your Home


Bed bugs are almost invisible. It’s not just because they are small and generally only come out at night, the simple fact is that it can be difficult to spot a bedbug with your naked eye.

However, you will notice when they have visited. Bedbugs bite humans and suck their blood. In most cases, you don’t know that the bedbugs are there until after they have bitten. This is when you notice the itchy red rash and the rust marks on your bed. You may even see a few bedbugs that have been killed as you roll around the bed.

Don’t forget, bed bugs spread very quickly between houses and hotels, you need to deal with the matter quickly. That’s why most people find out more about their local experts and the best pest control near me.

Seal It Up

The first step is to repair any gaps in the walls of your home. This won’t just keep bed bugs out, it will also keep a huge array of other common household pests out of your home. Bed bugs don’t usually travel far but they may come from neighboring apartments, you can use plaster, sealant, and even caulk to seal gaps and keep them out.

Don’t forget to include a door sweeper to prevent bed bugs from coming under the door.

Mattress Protector

The mattress protector is a simple sheet that covers your mattress and prevents bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens from taking up residence in your home. These are simple to put on although you may appreciate a second pair of hands.

When you choose protectors you need to make sure they have small-tooth zips as bed bugs can get through large-tooth zips.

Remove Clutter

If you have things in your room that you don’t use then it’s time to get rid of them. Unused items of furniture are simply an invitation to the bed bugs as you have given them somewhere to hide.

You should pay particular attention to peeling wallpaper and cardboard boxes, two of bed bugs’ favorite hiding spots.

Bed Bug Monitors

You’ll find there are special feet that can be fitted to your bed and other features in your home. These are generally referred to as passive leg indicators. They allow the bed bugs in but then they are trapped and can’t get out.

In addition, you should make sure there is no obvious path between the floor and your bed. Bed bugs don’t fly, if they have nothing to climb up they won’t be able to get to you while you sleep.

Wash Regularly

Bed bugs can actually survive a cycle in the washing machine. But they can’t survive a high heat in the dry for twenty minutes. That means you should regularly wash and dry your bedding and other soft furnishings. It’s the most effective way of ensuring any bed bugs you haven’t seen are eliminated, which is your ultimate aim.

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